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Our Definition and Explanation of Energy Healing

As defined and practiced by Jen Wozny, energy healing is: the use of energy to facilitate healing; or the manipulation of energy to facilitate healing.  Energy healing is done on people, animals, objects, locations, and absolutely everything whether it be physical or non-physical.  The state of being fully “healed,” per Jen, means “the complete and permanent removal of that which was considered to be problematic or undesirable.”

The modality of energy healing has the ability to affect: the soul; the aura / energy field; the physical body; energetic connections between people, places, and things; locations, beings, soul fragments, and levels of consciousness all across the Cosmos; and all of Creation itself.

“Energy healing” is therefore a catch-all term that encompasses the more-specific techniques, tools, and lineages of energy workers. Included in this catch-all term are (benevolent): Shamans / Shamanic practitioners; Reiki practitioners; Qi Gong practitioners; Presence Healers; Yogic Masters; Angelic healers; Mystics; Priests / Priestesses; Witches / Warlocks; Magicians; Hypnotherapists (certain styles); Meditators; and more.

Anyone who deliberately manipulates the non-physical world, and who does so for benevolent purposes, with permission from their subject, and with the intent to bring that subject closer to their stated goal of being healed, may be considered an Energy Healer.

Because Jen has studied numerous styles of energy healing, she practices all of them simultaneously and therefore uses the term Energy Healing for all of the work done through Put The Light Here, rather than aligning with a specific modality.

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Important Considerations

It is important to have a well-rounded perspective of energy work as a whole before engaging with it. Below (as well as in our FAQs) are discussions of what it feels like to receive energy healing, how to prepare to receive it, self-care after the healing session, guarantees associated with energy healing, and possible dangers involved with all forms of energy work. All information presented here is general guidance and does not represent the full spectrum of considerations surrounding this diverse, ancient, and ever-evolving practice of working with energy.

What does it feel like to receive energy healing?

This answer partly depends on the level of yourself at which the work occurred. For example, work on the soul itself is not always felt immediately by the person, as the energy only filters into their physical reality over time. However, work on the physical body, emotional body, and energy field is indeed often felt in real time. This may feel like a sense of calm, peace, and warmth is coming over you. If lower energies have been removed, then you may feel lighter—as if a literal weight has been lifted from you. Feelings of confusion can be cleared, emotional overwhelm can be calmed, pain can be dissipated, and more according to what has occurred for you.

What kind of self-care advice do you have for someone who just received energy healing?

Our bottom line is always this: Do what feels right for you, in each moment. As well: Your body will tell you what it needs.

That said, here is some general guidance:

  • drink water;
  • consume nourishing substances (such as clean, organic, healthy foods; or nutritional supplements);
  • rest as needed;
  • move as needed (such as light walking or aerobic exercise);
  • explore what is happening in your inner world; write it down, talk aloud, converse with a trusted loved one;
  • since energy work often brings buried issues to the surface, allow any releases—such as emotions or digestive clearing;
  • spend time in a quiet environment; reduce the external stimuli in your environment (such as noise, people, visual media, and even activities on your to-do list);
  • protect yourself from the reactions of others, since the people close to you may be triggered if they feel that your energy has changed; and,
  • make sure that your Higher Self is with you; ask it to help you and to offer guidance.

Do you guarantee that I will be healed?

No. And best is to not hold this expectation (of anyone). Healing is a process, and it is you–as well as the Divine and Time–who is in control of how close you will get to the state of being healed.

What Put The Light Here offers your process is support in accordance with our abilities, and support with the intent to help you get closer to your stated goal.

Are there dangers associated with energy healing?

Yes. Energy practitioners, by trade, have the ability to manipulate your energy field, physical body, soul, and life as a whole.

The quality of the energy work depends on the quality of the person doing it. And it is possible to be harmed by the work, either accidentally or deliberately.

Best is to think of an energy healing treatment as equal to having surgery on your physical body, and to therefore consider a healer as equal to a surgeon. Ideally, interview your potential surgeon. Ask them about their qualifications and continuing education; their skills and limitations; their protective measures; whether they can, and then how they would, address your condition; and whether their heart feels that they are the right person to assist you at this time. Then follow your instincts about whether or not to invite this person to work on you.

Put The Light Here offers free consultations by phone to all new clients.  You are welcome to book yours here.

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Further Resources

Video: How much healing can happen in any given appointment? That question arises often, and so in this video, I answer it. The bottom line is that two factors are involved: the skills of the healer, and the willingness of the client.

1. Each healer has limits, and it is important for the healer and their client to be aware of them.

2. Each client has a different willingness to be healed. Why? Because healing takes effort.

So, I share some examples of where my own skills were limited by “willingness,” as well as where my skills were put to good use.

What types of issues can we heal? Physical pain and illness. Emotional issues. And soul-deep problems, such as a heavy heart, deep grief, and the idea that “my soul is tired,” which all stem from past lives, karmic baggage, ancestors, and more.



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Do you still have questions about energy healing and whether it is right for you?  Please feel welcome to book a free consultation by phone.


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