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You can find Put The Light Here and Jen all over the Internet, on a variety of your favorite sites.  We invite you to visit us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest).  Do you shop on Etsy?  Visit our store on Etsy, and find several crystal products that are not offered on our home website.  Are you a reader of Medium?  Find some of our articles on Medium.  Do you meditate?  We are proud to be part of Insight Timer, the world’s most popular app for meditation; Jen has a 5-minute meditation for a happy life there.  We were proud to be on television in our local Ottawa, Canada: Watch our TV debut here.  Are you a podcaster?  If so, then listen to the podcasts we have been on: the Life in Red podcast; the Ready for More podcast; and the Amazing Humans podcast.  Are you a WordPress user?  We would love for you to follow our blog; please feel welcome to share comments and insights.  If you are on LinkedIn, find Jen there as well.  We are also the owners of Higher Consciousness Consulting, our arm for offering professional services to businesses, organizations, and government entities. If you are interested in hearing about how Put The Light Here came to be, and how Jen herself had never intended to be a business owner, then we recommend listening to the Ready for More podcast.

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