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What Happens When A Person “Dies”?

When a person dies, or transitions out of the body and back into purely spirit form, their soul travels back to the spirit world. Ideally, they would arrive immediately in a place that is pure Light, pure Love, heavenly, and what we sometimes refer to as “Home.” Yet this is not necessarily the case. Instead, many things can happen.

For a soul that is accustomed to having a body, re-entry into the spirit world can be confusing. The soul can feel disoriented and even fearful. Such disorientation may prevent the soul from noticing in which direction to travel in order to reach their next destination.

The spirit world is filled, of course, with other spirits, and some of these are not benevolent. Indeed, some are actively seeking to capitalize on a soul’s confusion.

As well, if a soul owes a debt, or still needs to repay some karma, then they may need to clear their karmic account before being permitted to return Home. Indeed, such souls often return to the cycle of reincarnation on Earth, or travel to other realms in order to continue their journey.

It is also possible that a soul needs to pause, rest, and reflect on where they wish their next destination to be. In such cases, the soul does not necessarily want to go Home immediately.

There are many possibilities about what a soul, newly transitioned out of its Earthly body, might encounter in the world of spirit. It is therefore helpful to them to have a guide, a mediator, and a healer ensuring that their journey is as smooth and gentle as possible; this is what a Psychopomp does.


What Is Psychopomp?

The word Psychopomp derives from the Greek word psuchopompos, which translates to “guide of souls.” In ancient mythology, we find many stories of spirit guides or gods who have helped people reach heaven or the “land of the dead.” Well known Psychopomps include Archangel Azrael, the god Mercury, the god Hermes, the goddess Hecate, an aspect of Lord Shiva, the Valkyries of Norse folklore, and the Egyptian god Anubis. In modern times, much Psychopomp is done by shamans and energy healers.

Psychopomp is therefore a form of Energy Healing, but done specifically for a newly transitioned soul, with the purpose of ensuring that they are safe and healthy, and arrive at their next destination smoothly.

Please note that each soul’s situation is unique. A soul does not necessarily return Home after just one session or in just one day. Put The Light Here does not guarantee nor promise that we will transport your loved one Home; only that we will do our best and inform you of the results.


Why Would I Order A Session Of Psychopomp?

We feel that assisting our departed loved one in this particular manner is one of the last things that can be done to honor and respect them. It is beneficial for them in a deeply meaningful way. It also assists our own process of grieving: we know that the soul that we miss is safe and healthy; and the energy between ourselves and the loved one is more clear.

Put The Light Here performs Psychopomp within the first 14 days after a soul’s transition. After this time, we recommend instead that you have a One-on-One Appointment of at least 30 minutes.


How Do I Order Psychopomp?

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