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Hi and welcome!

I’m Jen Wozny, BA, MSc, and Holistic Healer.  I left a government career in search of my own healing.  That years-long and intensive path not only brought peace to my soul, but it also trained me in numerous healing modalities.  I have now brought forth my soul’s true purpose: to alleviate suffering of all kinds, to heal wounds of all kinds, and to help elevate our common humanity.


“Peaceful.”  “Lighter.”  “Calm.”  “Clear in how to move forward.”  “Pain relief.”  “Better sleep.”  “Authentic.”  “More whole.”
These are just some of the things my clients experience.


There is something for you here.

Healing Appointments, which blend energy healing with intuitive coaching, guidance, and information to help you understand your situation.
Group Meditations, a cost-effective way to pursue your healing and spiritual journey.
Courses, where you develop your own inner healing capabilities, awaken your psychic skills, and learn why the world is so tumultuous right now.
Crystal Jewelry and Accessories, gorgeous support for you in tangible form.
Wisdom, via my blog, newsletters, and social media.


For information about my approach to trauma, Psychopomp service (when loved ones have crossed over), advanced services, mentoring, and consulting services, please visit this page.

I am proudly trauma sensitive.  While I am not an expert in trauma, I do continuously develop my trauma-informed credentials.

The best thing?  My offerings are available worldwide: I work remotely and online, and serve clients in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Feeling healthy and happy, feeling whole and empowered, being authentic—those are all available to us.  Easily.

In the Light of Healing,

BA (Psychology), MSc (Applied Intelligence)

Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner

Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Elite Life Coach


Read how I went from a career in the Canada’s intelligence community to becoming a holistic healer, in


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What people are saying about Jen Wozny and Put The Light Here:

I’ve known Jen for several years; and, upon meeting her, was instantly aware of a rare connectivity. In both business and personal settings she has proven to be multi talented spiritually, trustworthy, respectful and reliable. Her genuine and intuitive nature provides a comfortable and serene feeling of overall wellbeing in partaking of her various approaches or modalities.

It is my sincere belief that if you’re drawn to Jen then you’re blessed with a loving light and now poised to learn and gracefully evolve as needed through mastering or understanding whatever portion of your current life path you’re seeking to master.

Debbie Dale
Muskoka, Ontario

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