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Peace. Relaxation. Clarity. Pain relief. Freedom from stress. Guidance. And so much more.

These appointments cater to your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health.

Every appointment is a custom blend of:

  • energy healing (Reiki, Shamanism, and Psychic Healing at the level of your soul);
  • life coaching;
  • intuitive, holistic guidance;
  • homework that you can do to continue your progress; and/or
  • mentoring or training upon request.

Would you benefit from some healing or guidance? Is life stressful, overwhelming, confusing, or exhausting? Are you feeling the effects of pain, illness, or other discomfort? Do you feel called to become even greater than you are now? Would you like need help with your career, relationships, health, or life purpose? Jen can help. soul healing

Jen’s specialty is helping people with personal development, spiritual development, and holistic wellness–through the process of healing. She achieves this by blending tools that support your body, mind, and soul; all at the same time.

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More about Jen and why her approach is unique:

Jen takes a multifaceted approach to every problem–because nearly every problem indeed has many aspects that need to be addressed in order to be successful. This means, for example, that along with doing energy healing for you, she may suggest behavioral changes, lifestyle adjustments, diet and nutrition to help your situation, and even a visit to a complementary practitioner.

Jen approaches each condition from a Functional Medicine perspective. Functional Medicine seeks to find the root cause of the problem, and understands that just because two people have the same symptom does not mean that they have the same causes. Indeed, many possible things could be underlying your symptom.

Jen connects to your very soul. While a lot of literature talks about the soul, Jen actually calls it forth into the appointment, and facilitates healing on that larger part of you. Doing this allows her to: find the true root cause of an issue–even if it began in a past life; heal the entire issue–from that past life up until your current life; work with every aspect of who you are and have ever been, to include ancestry, cords, karmas, and deep-rooted relationships; identify the first thing that needs attention, as your soul already has a priority list and we just need to ask about it; and deal effectively with what’s affecting your life, because when we heal it from the soul level, it re-patterns your human life, too. soul healing wellness coaching

Jen meets you where you are. Jen has traveled the journey through transformation, wellness, and spirituality, from the very beginning. And she has gone far enough to be a trailblazer of new knowledge. She can therefore meet you at any part of that journey–whether you are at the very beginning, the middle, or approaching the end.remote energy healing

Jen takes you as far as you want to go. Because of her experience in the trailblazing aspect of energy healing and wellness, she can guide you to possibilities that you might never have considered–but only if you want to. If you prefer to move forward in increments, then she will take you forward in increments.

Jen works with advanced spiritual issues, as well as mystery issues and complex situations.  She also acknowledges that the spirit world is not all lighted and loving, and helps her clients through the darker issues.  For more information, please see her Advanced-Level Support page and her Energetic Security page, respectively. awakening coach

Jen gives you several strategies to choose from. She draws from her deep and diverse base of knowledge in order to give you options as to how to best move forward. holistic coaching holistic healing

Jen comes from the corporate world; she speaks plain language, even about esoteric topics. (Jen’s professional CV is here.)

Jen blends energy healing with traditional life coaching. This gives you the most powerful, easiest, and most effective transformation.

Jen explains all of the information that relates to your case, so that you understand what is happening and why. She is an educator. She wants you to be empowered by having complete information. soul healing

Jen believes in Confidentiality and she believes in Consent. Your appointment is Confidential, and you will always be in control of what happens in your sessions. Similarly, Jen pursues continuing education in trauma and how to heal it, and all of her work is trauma sensitive.

Jen does all appointments remotely–by phone or Skype. Yes, it’s possible! Remote energy healing is an advanced and ancient form of energy work, and it is the most effective in terms of identifying the root cause of an issue and being able to heal it. This means that not only do you get the best treatment, but you can do so from the comfort of home, outdoors, or wherever want to be during the appointment, as well as wherever you are in the world. (Jen is in Ottawa, Canada.)

Jen offers free consultations.  If you have questions, want to know more, or just want to see if we’re a good fit, then book a free phone/Skype consultation here.

Jen knows that transformation and healing is fundamentally your job to do, but that she can support and guide you, and hold space for your highest, healthiest possibility. And so she does.
wellness coach healing coaching energy healing ontario healer holistic coaching awakening remote energy healing

“The lightness and healing I feel after each healing is the best feeling.”

“I have never felt such an amazing healing as Jen’s.”

“The issue I had completely disappeared and hasn’t resurfaced.”

“I know this treatment gave me the last (big) nudge I need and I have FINALLY found my voice and have begun speaking my truth.”

“When I come to Jen for guidance, she is wholly present and pays attention to each minute detail.”

“She understands the depths, breadth and magnitude of deep energy healing/clearing.”

“Tremendously knowledgeable and insightful.”


“Her services are so calming, healing and completely rid me of tension and stress.”

“She has helped me really heal myself so that I may be my authentic self.”

Read more Kind Words from clients.

distant energy healing soul is tired soul healing
Payment​ and Scheduling: Once you purchase your appointment, you will receive an email with a link to Jen’s online scheduling system. Here, you will be able to choose your preferred day and time for your appointment.

Business hours are listed at the bottom of this page. You may book up to five weeks in advance.

Jen will call you when the appointment begins, so please also include the best phone number at which to reach you.​

International Clients: If you are outside of Canada and the continental United States, then we will connect on Skype. Jen indeed works with clients all over the world, with clients currently in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Please note that Jen’s schedule will book your appointment in Eastern Standard Time. If the offered hours do not fit well with your time zone, then:

  • proceed to book your appointment and complete the scheduling process;
  • but email Jen to let her know that we need to find a more comfortable time for your appointment.

She will do her best to work outside of her regular hours to accommodate you.
wellness coach healing coaching energy healing ontario healer holistic coaching
Cancellation and Postponement Policy: All appointment purchases are subject to the cancellation and postponement policy.  Please review this information here.  Appointments are valid for one year after the date of purchase.
awakening remote energy healing distant energy healing soul is tired soul healing
Important: Please review the Consent Form. By submitting payment, you are expressly consenting to the terms outlined in the aforementioned Form.

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New Clients: Make your first appointment 90 minutes and receive a special rate.

wellness coach healing coaching energy healing ontario healer holistic coaching awakening remote energy healing distant energy healing soul is tired soul healing

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