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Our aura is a tiny part of Earth’s aura

A gentle FYI for empaths, kids, and animals:

Earth’s magnetic field (or aura) has fluctuated noticeably over the past several hours, largely because a stream of wind from the sun has arrived. Per the pictures below: the electron count dropped for hours; we’re in a geomagnetic storm (currently G1); the magnetometer reading went a bit haywire; and solar wind speed is elevated (normal is about 350km/sec).

Because we as humans are tiny pieces of the Earth’s own body, what happens to her also happens, and can be felt by, us.

So if you do feel it (and not everyone does), then perhaps ask the body what it needs from you. These energies can make us tired or energized, emotional or peaceful, hungry or not at all hungry, sick or healthy, and more—depending on our unique self. Often, these instances show us what needs to be dealt with (emotional blockages, health issues, etc.). Be gentle with yourself.

As well, if you are around children, animals, or sensitives who seem to be affected by these energies, then best is to assist them in whatever way they need. It can be very difficult to act normally when our bodies and energy fields are under the control of the Sun, the Earth, and energy from outer space.


For those interested in better understanding or monitoring the changes in Earth’s energy, I wrote an article that includes links to the various space weather sites; it’s here.


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    Our aura is a tiny part of Earth’s aura
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