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Years ago, I had a good and outwardly successful life.  I had a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Applied Intelligence (national security), a top-level security clearance, and a federal-government job in the national security community that usually had me directly supporting the ​executive level, to include the National Security Advisor himself.  I also had a family, a beautiful home with a garden, friends, and extra-curricular activities that I enjoyed.  On the outside, my life seemed ideal.  But on the inside, something was missing.  awakening

​I could feel the bigger part of my soul saying to me, “Do you feel how big you are?  Do you know how much more of you there is to express?”  And the answer was that I did: I knew that there was more to me than I was being allowed to bring forth.

So one evening, I literally got on my knees, and bowed my forehead to the floor, and said aloud, “I surrender this life to You.  Make me who I came here to be.”

And with that commitment, my Highest Self and my Divine Team began to dismantle the parts of my life that no longer served me; my entire life and my entire identity fell apart.  I was plunged into what some refer to as the Dark Night of the Soul, and I had no idea how long it would be until the Dawn.


My awakening process was intense.  Because I had fully released all ties to my old life, and willingly accepted whatever needed to be done to become my highest self, I was taken outside of linear time and lived much of my time as if in a dream state–where I learned one lesson after another in rapid succession.  Yet on Earth, only hours might have passed.

In order to shed my baggage and discover my true self, I tried every spiritual or holistic tool that Spirit suggested to me.  This is also consistent with my nature as a Gemini: We try everything.  This natural tendency has made me a better healer and coach: I have personal and direct experience with a large selection of tools that can help my clients.  (See the list here.)

Also, to reach my highest potential required that I travel (in meditation) far above this Earth, past our galaxy, past the boundaries of this universe, and into a space that I refer to simply as the Cosmos.  Doing this enabled me to experience some of the new energies that we as humans are beginning to be presented with, and the new types of soul-level issues for which we are increasingly needing qualified healers.


As I grew spiritually, I discovered that I was also put to work in support of a major transformation that is happening on our Earth right now.  Some label this the “ascension,” the “shift,” the “end of the Mayan calendar,” the “Aquarian Age,” “2012,” and more.  It basically means that Earth has entered a part of our galaxy that carries energy very different from what we are accustomed to.

This new and foreign energy therefore makes us as a species vulnerable: Our physical bodies need time to adjust to this different frequency, and there are other realms of creation that seek to capitalize on our vulnerability.  Generally speaking, these predatory realms are contributing to what is known as “the battle between Light and Dark,” or the “war on human consciousness.”  Since security is part of what I came here to do, my soul-level skills were applied to the psychic-level battlefields, and I spent much of my journey undercover and on the frontlines. (My top Energetic Security tips are shared here.)


So, I had asked to become who I came here to be, and was introduced to my highest potential, which is far beyond anything I ever thought possible for myself.  This journey had sent me on a solo mission during which I was multitasking intensely, and doing so in multiple dimensions simultaneously.  Needless to say, I now am capable of working with people from the early stages of awakening through to people with “far out” issues that are rarely discussed even in the energy healing or Lightworker community.

If you feel that we are a match to work together, then I would be very happy to assist you.  Please know that I take you and your soul very seriously.

I offer free consultations for new clients; schedule yours here.​

​​​I look forward to working with you.

~ Jen

B.A., M.Sc., Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, KRI-certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Lightworker


A full account of this awakening process–end to end–is here.

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