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What Is Coaching? coaching ottawa

Coaching is the process of helping you to become even better, more authentic, more fulfilled, and more productive in your life, career, relationships, spiritual path, and health. It is the process of helping you to reach your goals and holding you accountable throughout that process. And it is the process of working with someone who will be your partner, confidante, and sounding board.


Can You Explain The Coaching Process?

There are several things that truly define the coaching process:

Radical honesty
Questions (lots of questions)
Discovery of your gifts
Clear goals
Action plans


“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”

Charles duBos


Who Benefits From Coaching?

As you can see, coaching is for people. It’s for everyone. Whether you would like to manage your employees more kindly (Executive Coaching), improve your health (Wellness Coaching), discover your true calling (Life Coaching), understand the world in a new way (Spiritual Coaching), or start your own business (Business Coaching), the process is largely the same. What differs is the goals you have in mind, and the expertise of the person who will be your coach.


What Types Of Coaching Do You Offer?

At Put The Light Here, we coach people towards their goals related to life, spirituality, health and wellness, and executive functions. (If you are looking for a business coach then we would happily recommend you to our trusted partner.)


For How Long Should I Work With My Coach?

The length of time that you work with a coach will depend on your budget and your goals. Often, coachees and coaches work together for three months, six months, or a year. Coaching sessions happen on a regularly scheduled basis, be it every week, every other week, or once a month.


How Should I Prepare For My First Coaching Session?

Prior to your first coaching call, it will be helpful to become aware of the main goal that you want to work towards, the resources that you have available to achieve it, and the intensity at which you would like to work in order to reach that goal.


I’m Ready.

Are you ready to be coached? Choose your preferred appointment here.


I’m Almost Ready.

Do you have some questions that still need to be answered? Book a free consultation here.


All of our coaching sessions happen over the phone, our schedule is in Eastern Standard Time (EST), and our prices are in Canadian dollars.

coaching ottawa

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