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Rogers Daytime Ottawa

Jen Wozny, the founder of Put The Light Here, shares what led her to leave a stable career in national security and instead pursue her authentic self.

She also shares three simple ways that anyone can discover their own authentic self.

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Radio and Podcasts

The Life in Red Podcast

Jen Wozny talks to Ryan Forsyth about what energy healing is exactly, the benefits of it, client results, how she responds to skeptics, and how energy can apply to present-day problems.

We also cover many nuances of the subject of energy and healing, to include: physics; the placebo effect; the healing power of prayer; how almost everyone has probably done energy healing in their lifetime; an energetic downside of social media; Reiki; why Shamans only think positive thoughts about others; potentials for emotional and physical healing; past lives; healing the planet; and more.

Listen to the podcast above or on YouTube, on iTunes, on Spotify, or on the Life in Red website.


The My Village 3xperience Podcast

In this high-level discussion about spirituality, energy, and the nature of reality, Jen Wozny talks with Ottawa’s Meissa Sarr of the My Village 3xperience podcast.

We discuss:

– the deep value of empathy, honesty, and connection to Source;

– the signs that our soul gives us throughout our lives, and how those signs led me, personally, into the Intelligence Community;

– the mechanics of why, exactly, things like astrology and crystals are useful;

– what we can learn from being alone with ourselves, and a whole other dimension of “isolation”;

– what “spirituality” really is–and why quantum physicists are kinda-sorta spiritual;

– why there truly is a dark side to the energy world–and how to easily understand that;

– why conventional forms of activism (such as protests and letter-writing) are not always effective, and the true level at which we need to direct our efforts;

– the long-term goal of our Yoga and meditation practices;

   – and more.


Listen to the podcast above or on iTunes, on Spotify, on Google, on Stitcher, or on the other platforms listed here.


Amazing Humans Podcast

Jen Wozny talks to Bree Palmer about: how healing ourselves can give us a peaceful aura; destroying our foundation and having faith that a new foundation will be built–one step at a time; how Jen’s life fell apart in phases; and surrendering life completely to the will of Source.  We also discuss the delicate subject of death and dying, and how we can each help our loved ones transition Home.  And Jen shares an amusing story about the very real and destructive phenomenon: entities and entity removal.

“Funny, highly informative, and respectful.”

Listen to the podcast above or on iTunes, on Spotify, on Google, on Breaker, on Radio Public, or on Overcast.

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The Ready for More! Podcast

Jen Wozny talks to Heather Cameron about how a spiritual journey evolved into a spiritual business, and how we know what is right for us–no matter what other opinions come our way.

With thanks to Heather for providing these notes:

– (2:00) Jen’s road trip to heal herself and become an energy healer and life coach;

– (6:21) keeping the leap of faith private and listening to what is right for yourself;

– (7:40) stepping into what the Universe offers;

– (12:00) what Jen’s 20-year-old self would have thought of her road trip;

– (14:30) what we are actually capable of is often more than we ever think we can do;

– (19:00) making a business out of everything Jen learned and using it to help others;

– (22:15) being aware of how you want to receive something helps you learn how to serve people in your own unique way;

– (24:20) offering business services in the way that feels right, which also means being different;

– (27:50) re-framing our language to determine whether we actually want to do something;

– (31:35) focusing on the fundamentals of business—even for a “spiritual” or “conscious” business;

– (32:40) the need to raise awareness when working in a business that is “alternative” or unique; and

– (35:45) how to re-charge when we’re an empath.

“Get a little bit uncomfortable and see what happens.” ~ Jen


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