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Global Energy Clearing Teleconferences: Recap of the good work we have done so far

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What Initiated the Teleconferences lightwarriors

As an empath, an energy healer, and a Lightworker who helps to heal and clear Gaia’s energies during this mildly chaotic time, one day of year is always challenging for me to live through: New Year’s Eve. lightwarriors

It is a very violent night. People all across the planet are partying, consuming alcohol and drugs, and behaving in ways they might not normally behave.  As well, many people are pulled deeper into an existing depression, and the rate of self-initiated transitions is higher.  Add to that the Negative Occultists and what they are doing with the energy, and it is a dark time.

Usually, I “tune in” to the planet’s energy on this night and clear it myself, as I do most days because that is part of my true job.

However, on December 27, 2018, I was inspired to no longer deal with this alone, but to instead see if others would gather together with me to do a unified attempt at clearing our planet’s energy.

On Facebook, I published the following plea:

“Did you know that New Year’s Eve is a violent night, across all of the world? People everywhere are partying, drinking, acting out, and committing acts against victims.

Rather than empathically feel all of this activity (yet again), or do worldwide energy clearing by myself (as I do most days), I am doing something even greater about it:

On New Year’s Eve, I will be hosting a 45-minute teleconference to gather together all willing participants to facilitate a clearing of negative, harmful energy across our whole Earth.

Anyone may participate. No experience with meditation or energy healing is needed. The whole event will be guided, and we will tap into our own abilities and intentions.

The event is free (though donations are always appreciated).

Participation is entirely through the teleconference website: https://instantteleseminar.com/Events/112648188.

Just click the link and settle in. The chat function will be open throughout this event–people are welcome to share their impressions.

We are powerful beings. Let’s indeed heal the world, end 2018 on a high note, and start 2019 fresh.”


I also advertised on Instagram, and was pleased to find out later that I had reached a worldwide audience.


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The Teleconferences So Far

The Global Energy Clearing Teleconference on New Year’s Eve 2019 was a success.  Our intent was to prevent some of the violence that accompanies that night, and we all felt that we indeed made a positive difference.  New Year’s Eve progressed (for us) fairly peacefully; although, on New Year’s Day many of us were hit with “retribution.”

That said, we all wanted to gather again in the same manner. And so we did.  We have since done seven events–in support of Eclipse Season, Valentine’s Day, March Equinox (2x), the flow of money worldwide (which was heavily attacked), and in urgent response to noteworthy negative events in early March 2019.


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The announcement for the Valentine’s Day event:

Several years ago, when I was doing energy work intensely for the planet, Valentine’s Day rolled around and I found myself crushed by the weight of the energies—cheating, betrayal, jealousy, loneliness, etc.

These emotions were circulating through the world, and their collective weight was very hard to bear, let alone process.

Valentine’s Day is approaching once again, and these emotions are beginning to come to the surface of people’s lives.

As they do, we have permission to remove them from the planet (permanently).

In this way, you, me, and everyone else will not feel these burdens as strongly as we might have.

The world instead will be a little lighter.

That is the intent of this particular teleconference: Precluding the negative feelings associated with this manmade holiday by removing them in advance. (And checking on the fallout from last month’s eclipses.)

Join us if it feels right.

Unite the Light.

~ Jen


The Energies We Have Cleared

Together, we are doing amazing work.lightwarriors

So far, we have cleared energies related to: hate; aggression; military build-up; greed; withholding of money; financial starvation; rage; predators; persecution; trafficking; abuse; war; cries for peace; events in outer space; puppetmasters; jealousy; a torn-up energy grid; overwhelm; negativity in the core of the Earth and the Sun; separation consciousness; grief; persecution; ritualistic abuse; malevolence; enslavement; poisoning of the Earth; congestion; sorrow; war-torn regions; attacks on humanitarians; and much more.

We have cleared these energies from our local areas, across the globe, and even far out into the Universe and Multiverse (and beyond).

To all who have been part of these events: THANK YOU!! You are the actual definition of “Light Warrior”; we go into battle during these calls and feel the pain of what we are aiding.


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The first-ever event on December 31, 2018, involved healers from all over North America and Africa!


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The February 4 event cleared negative energies related to “Valentine’s Day.” Is this not an interesting list to a supposedly sugary-sweet and harmless day?


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The February 25 event weighed heavy on the hearts of some participants; we were guided to tap into Mother Earth and when we got there, she was hurting.


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The March 17 event was impromptu: We scheduled it in response to several attacks and tragedies that had occurred in the previous week.


The April 1 Event

The next teleconference will be held on April 1, 2019, and it is intended to help clear from the world negative energies related to the influx of light on Equinox.

It is also intended to clear negative energies and associations related to “Easter.” On the latter, some frequencies involve crucifixion, suffering, martyrdom, sacrifice, punishment, and Hell. More broadly, the energies of the Catholic Church might this year be tainted with the numerous recent revelations of significant abuse through virtually all levels of that institution.  (This is my gentle way of saying that the Church is not in good standing and many are suffering as a result.)  lightwarriors

Register for it here.


The Bottom Line

Whatever the theme of the teleconference or the day on which we hold it, the bottom line is that much non-loving energy is circulating through our world right now.

The other bottom line is that each of us humans is a powerful being.  Each of us has the power to do this work, should we choose to and it feel right to do so.

Therefore, let us use our benevolent intentions and skills to clear away that which is ready to now depart, making space for new and uplifting energy, and helping the collective population use loving energies easily and gently to their benefit.

Thank you kindly for your participation in this important event.

Let’s heal the world.

~ Jen Wozny
Founder of Put The Light Here

About the Host and How To Donate to Her Work

Jen Wozny, the host of this teleconference, is a Lightworker who works with our planet’s energies and helps to clear negative energy regularly and in advance of numerous annual events. Read about her work related to March Equinox here.

Anyone wishing to contribute financially is welcome to do so here. I receive your contribution or sponsorship with gratitude–some work must be done but does not pay, unfortunately.

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