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Spirituality is merely advanced physics

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I often say that there are tomes of scientific evidence that prove the existence of energy healing and psychic abilities (which are somewhat the same thing).  The evidence proves that it is real, that it works, and even how it works.  Notable are studies done by the US military and the Russian military, and anyone interested in that angle might look at books by Russel Targ, Lyn Buchanan, and Ingo Swann. science of healing

I recently encountered, however, a new physics book that has sparked personal excitement about the merger of science and spirituality, and so this is just a short post to share it.


The physicist Nassim Haramein is credited as saying that what we consider to be “spiritual” is simply the physics that we do not yet understand.

That is, what we consider to be “impossible” is actually indeed possible; but, our science simply has not yet been able to see it and measure it.


Two subjects that are often discarded as being impossible are energy healing and psychic abilities.  Yet they are real.  Indeed, science has already viewed, measured, and studied the subtle energies that belong to the human body, and how these can change when exposed to the occult healing modalities.

Millions (if not billions) of people have already had direct experience with these practices, either personally receiving treatment, knowing someone who has, or having a conscious connection to the psychic realms.

There is simply a disconnect between that group of people and the people who control our mainstream world:

  • Media does not tend to report on subtle phenomenon.
  • The education system does not tend to inform us that our body is comprised of physical as well as non-physical substances.
  • Our pharmaceutical-based health-care system generally regards a person as a mechanical and chemical machine.


And so, there is a gap between the part of our world who believes in the energy healing and psychic world, and the part of our world who deems it impossible.


What is enjoyable about the book “Physics of the Impossible,” by Michio Kaku, is that it tells us how what mankind deems “impossible” is often discovered–years later–to be real.  The possibility of airplanes, atomic bombs, and black holes were once dismissed.  But now, they are part of our everyday reality.


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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

~ The third of Arthur C. Clarke’s Three Laws

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In this excerpt (below), we see that Michael Faraday discovered–190 years ago–that the energy field of a magnet, has the ability to push or move electrons.how reiki works, how healing works, physics healing, wellness physics

A magnet has an energy field; and its field is capable of moving other objects.

This one tiny principle, derived from the massive scientific field of physics, explains (at least in part) “how Reiki works.”*  It also relates to what the great mystic Alice A. Bailey said: Love is an active force.

Love = a force that is active.


And so one day, hopefully…today, the reality of our subtle world will be accepted as fact by everyone, and thus integrated into our daily lives.  When that happens, we will no longer deny the power held within this realm; powers to alleviate suffering at its very root cause, to connect humans with their divine essence, and to bring even-greater levels of fulfillment and happiness.


As Nikola Tesla, who was far ahead of his time, said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

It is time that we integrate that statement into our consciousness, and adjust our lives to align with its meaning.


All of this above is just one small part of the scientific literature that supports the existence of energy healing.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them.

~ Jen


*Reiki is a form of “energy healing,” which often consists of channeling loving energy through one’s body, out of their hands, and into the body of another person, for the purpose of facilitating healing.


Say thank you, if you would like.

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