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Podcast: Amazing Humans, peaceful auras, and falling apart in phases (inspirational podcast)

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I’m so excited to share this podcast!  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ottawa’s Bree Palmer on her Amazing Humans Podcast. inspirational podcast

It was a fun, funny, and enlightening conversation.  I invite you to check it out.


“Funny, highly informative, and respectful.”


Amazing Humans Podcast

I speak with Bree Palmer about:

– how healing ourselves can give us a peaceful aura;

– destroying our foundation and having faith that a new foundation will be built–one step at a time;

– how my life fell apart in phases; and

– surrendering life completely to the will of Source.

We also discuss the delicate subject of death and dying, and how we can each help our loved ones transition Home. And I share an amusing story about the very real and destructive phenomenon: entities and entity removal.


Listen to the podcast above or on iTunes, on Spotify, on Google, on Breaker, on Radio Public, or on Overcast.

Links related to the discussion in the podcast: “17 Days to Closure” (article); “My Stroke of Insight” (book).


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“My priority was: I want to heal the entirety of my soul.  Because, if I die at any moment, I want to be okay with the fact that this life is over; because I will have dealt with every piece of unfinished business, and can die in peace.”


wellness podcast, yoga podcast, spiritual journey, peaceful aura, soul healing

“Every molecule of wounding across time and space that my soul has ever encountered, I have sought to heal, no matter how painful it was to experience.  When you do that, you are filled with peace.”


spiritual podcast, spiritual warrior, light warrior, spiritual warfare, spirit

“That really taught me: If I could get through what Spirit put me through, then I can handle whatever humans put out.”


calming aura, aura, aura healing, aura reading, inner peace, peaceful warrior“That’s just a natural result of the work that I have done on my own self, is to have as clean and calm of an aura as possible.” (Jen)

“Well, yeah, it worked for sure.  Because I was only around you for five minutes and I’m like, ‘Hm, there’s something about this woman that is very calming.'” (Bree)


spiritual credentials, healer, high level healer, healer of healers, advanced healer“I wish we could put that on a CV: ‘Calming aura.'” (Jen)

“‘You’ll want me around ’cause I’ll make you calm.'” (Bree)


If you’re interested in trying energy healing, then please feel welcome to arrange a free consult by phone, or to book an appointment.

inspirational podcast

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