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Are you an Empath during this period of global dying?

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There is a lot of death happening on our planet right now.  It’s not just people that are dying; it’s many things.  Plants, trees, and animals are dying amidst the many fires, floods, winds, and earthquakes.  Old ways of doing things are dying.  Belief systems are crashing around us.  Paradigms.  Truths.  They are dying, too.

This is the time when “death” is prevalent on Earth.  It was foretold by the Ancients, in many of their teaching systems.  We knew it was coming.  And so it’s okay…in the sense that from death springs new life.  That’s the positive aspect.

But this dying is happening in waves: there are periods where things seem to be fine, and then suddenly it seems as if disasters are everywhere.  The energy of death, loss, mourning, grief, and even emptiness gets heightened, temporarily.  The days of Thursday, October 4 to Tuesday, October 10 were one of those periods.  Did you feel it?  Do you know someone who did?

I know many people who were affected; all of them empaths–people who are able to feel the energy and emotions of the world around them.  The dying could be felt.  And it felt like it was our own.  But this is important to know: It wasn’t.

We who felt the world dying around us, or felt the pain of loss–be it humanity’s or Gaia’s–need to know at all times that this is not ours.

There is nothing in our own life causing such pain.  And therefore any thoughts or actions that might result from feeling this way must be brought to neutrality, and not acted on.

The energy will clear.  Sometimes it passes within hours, and sometimes it lasts several days.  On rare occasions, it is around for more than a month.  But it always passes.  And it is rarely ours.  So please, stay safe, stay sane, and just plain stay.

We need you.

It is more important than ever to distinguish between what is ours and what is not ours.  In every moment, ask yourself, “Is this mine?”

A colleague and I often discuss the unspoken challenges of being an awakened soul.  Among the challenges is the risk of leaving this lifetime prematurely.  The phenomenon is real and has several different causes.  But being an empath or a sensitive soul during this time of intense dying can lead–and has already led–to transitions that were not supposed to happen.

This is useful to know.  It helps us resist the pull, if and when we feel it.  Especially during the intense phases.

We recorded a call to make our observations and guidance available to everyone who needs it.  Because the Earth is going through one of its intense periods right now, the call is on sale until October 30.  Listen if it feels right to you.  Use YOUARELOVED at checkout to receive 20% off of Spiritual Casualties: Part 1.


If you need more direct support, or just a weekly space that is safe, then you are invited to the calls on Wednesdays; registration is here.

Further support is available in our one-on-one appointments.


In this moment, should you need it, then I offer you Light.

To accept it, inwardly say yes.


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    Are you an Empath during this period of global dying?
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