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awakening process

Our world is presently undergoing a mass awakening.    awakening process

It is happening at a collective (or group) level. It is also happening individually, at a personal level for many of the souls who are here.

It is causing, essentially, chaos. It is causing a shift in how our world is governed. It is causing people to view their lives differently and even to want much more for themselves than previously they had wanted.

It is causing people to know, deeply and wholeheartedly, that there is indeed more to be had.

For all of us.

Thus, it is important to understand clearly what it means to awaken.

Per the dictionaries, “awake” is defined as:

  • “to become conscious or aware of something”;
  • “to arouse from sleep or a sleeplike state”; and
  • “to make active.”

Conversely, “asleep” is defined as:

  • “lacking sensation”;
  • “inactive; dormant”;
  • “not alert; indifferent”; and
  • a “complete or partial suspension of consciousness.”


If we are now being “awakened,” then to what were we “asleep”? The answer is: Our human potential.

The true and fullest potential of a human being is great. This potential has been demonstrated throughout time by rare but special souls who sought to remind us of these potentials. We often refer to them as Masters, and particularly Yogic Masters.

Collectively, these Masters have demonstrated—physically—that it is possible for a human to, for example: bilocate their physical body; teleport their physical body; levitate their physical body; change physical substances into different physical substances; “read minds”; communicate telepathically; manipulate the weather; and spontaneously heal the human body.

Our potential is this and more.

Yet not all of us know this. What we have been asleep to is, fundamentally, this; this potential.

What we are awakening to, therefore, is the realization that we have been designed for, and are naturally capable of, greatness far beyond what current society often tells and allows us.

This is the mass awakening.

Involved in it is the fact that we are seeing clearly how far our cultures have taken us from our true natures.

This is the Shift.

It is part of the Pole Flip.

It partly is the Ascension.

It began long ago yet accelerated around the year 2012, when the Mayan calendar reset itself.

“Awakening” can be classified into at least two different categories: first is awakening to one’s own potential and purpose; and second is awakening to see the world more clearly than ever before. The two are not necessarily linked, in terms of manifesting in a person’s life. What this means is that there are people who are awakening to their true selves, but still see the world in the same way; and there are people who are seeing the world very differently, yet who inwardly are no greater as a result. There are some, however, who make the two shifts simultaneously: As they discover their true potential, they see clearly how the world has kept this potential minimized; or vice versa. This latter situation is the ideal.

Awakening is a systematic process. Awakening also occurs in layers. A full and complete state of “being awake” is not often attained by people; too much information is involved, too multidimensional is our actual reality. Therefore, important is to know that we do not just become awake overnight. We also should remain aware of the fact that, however much truth we know, there is infinite more truth left to uncover.

It is important to acknowledge that awakening to see the world clearly might bring with it unpleasant emotions. Because we were conditioned to feel small, and because the governing forces had kept us essentially oppressed, there may be a sense of betrayal associated with seeing clearly, as well as feelings of anger, heartache, and sadness.

The process of awakening to one’s own true self, conversely, is generally positive. It involves discovering latent abilities; coming to a better understanding of who we are, who we are not, and why we are here; and having more peace, fulfillment, and self-confidence as a result.

Of the approximately seven billion humans on our Earth right now, not everyone is “waking up” at the same time. Some have been always awake; often, it is they who have been here to make sure that we never forgot who we were, no matter how we viewed such people and cultures. Some people will never awaken; either because their soul has chosen not to, or perhaps because negative forces are preventing it, they will spend their life on this Earth in a state of relative sleep. And still others awaken over the course of their life, either feeling the urge from within, or finding familiarity in others who demonstrate remarkable skills and strengths—and pursuing it.

Jen, the Creator of Put The Light Here, has experienced both types of awakening mentioned above. Her process was intense, multidimensional, and led entirely by her colleagues in the higher realms. In 2015, she came to understand fully what one Yogic Master said about the time that we are now in: “All knowledge, all help, and all therapy, is going to be absolutely obsolete [as of 2012].” Our prior wisdom has served us well, but it is time now to define and create the new.

Should you be interested in reading about Jen’s experience, it is discussed hereawakening process

awakening process
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