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Traumatic experiences are a common occurrence in our world.  ptsd healing

Even the event of being birthed from our mothers is often traumatic, which means that most people have been imprinted with some degree of trauma from the very moment they arrived. This also means that the incidence of trauma is regular, not rare; from the birth process to failed relationships to being bullied and more, we are in good company with each other.  Indeed, the number of people speaking out about their past wounds is increasing, and the beautiful thing is that this makes it more acceptable to acknowledge that something is wrong, and more easy to reach out for help.

There is a spectrum of trauma, of course: The events in our lives fall somewhere along the range of “not at all traumatic” to “extremely traumatic.” Where we personally place events on the spectrum is unique to who we are, to how our brains and nervous systems are wired, and to how we personally perceive such events.


Any given trauma can affect us in numerous ways—physically, emotionally, behaviorally, energetically, and deep in our soul.


Here are some of the possible effects:

  • Physically, our brains, nervous systems, fascia, digestive system, and more can be affected.
  • Emotionally and behaviorally, we may become either oversensitive or completely numb; we may avoid people, places, and things; and we may find ourselves re-experiencing the trauma, whether during waking hours or during sleep.
  • Energetically, we may have taken a hit to our system: We may be weakened, drained, or even fundamentally compromised—all of which can deepen our vulnerability.
  • At the level of our soul, usually we have become less whole: Traumatic events tend to cause a piece of our soul to break off, and this piece needs to be recovered and reintegrated. This helps us to attain full strength once again.

When a person has experienced significant trauma, and finds that their life has been overtaken by the fallout from that trauma, then they may wish to seek some assistance.

It is possible to have symptoms significant enough to be formally classified as having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If the trauma has occurred repeatedly and over a period of time, then the symptoms might also present as Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). As well, trauma that has occurred in or as a result of the psychic or spiritual realm–such as through psychic warfare, dark magic, or scenes witnessed during energy healings–may be considered what Jen calls Psychic Trauma.


It is possible to heal our traumas and become whole again.


Jen’s approach to assisting with trauma is multifaceted and holistic.

This approach blends energy healing (including soul retrieval and cord removal); energetic security (protecting your energy); gentle coaching (where invited); and tools and suggestions to assist the physical body, the neuroplasticity of the brain, and the parasympathetic nervous system.

As well, it is important to offer healing to all souls and places that have been affected by the trauma, so that they too may be healed and so that the individual achieves a greater level of peace. This work may even travel through lineage lines—working across time and involving a family’s genetics. Jen therefore incorporates this practice into the energy healing sessions unless the client requests otherwise.

Please note that Jen is trauma informed and all of her practice is trauma sensitive. She is not, however, qualified to dispense medical advice. She asks that anyone feeling the effects of trauma please consult a physician. Working with Jen is a complement to medical care, though not a replacement for it.  ptsd healing

Please feel welcome to schedule your free consultation or to book your appointment here. If it feels safer, then you are welcome to join the Monthly Healing Call, which offers participants a guided meditation, energy healing facilitated by Jen, and an opportunity to anonymously ask questions during the live Question and Answer portion.  Calls are the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm EST (4pm PST).

Fragile Souls: There are times when we need help but are not capable of doing more than giving permission for it. For these situations, Jen offers “Energy by Email”: Simply purchase this option, tell Jen what you can about your needs, and she will facilitate energy healing for you. There is no two-way discussion with this option, no appointment to schedule, and no stress. All of the work is done by Jen. When she has completed the work, she will send you an email with her observations and gentle suggestions for further self-care.  ptsd healing


Jen acknowledges that sometimes the only priority is making it safely to the next morning.


My Experience

I know trauma from both the inside and the outside.  Like most families, my ancestors had a history of abuse, sexual abuse, violence, alcoholism, and serious mental health issues.  I myself was blessed to have what trauma experts consider the single most important thing that creates a healthy child: A loving, attentive parent (my mother) who was attuned to my needs.  Her presence in my life enabled my brain and nervous system to grow in relatively healthy ways.  That said, the more I learn about trauma, the more I see that I was not immune to its effects in the other parts of my family.

My survival response was dissociation.  Much of my energy was shut down and held inside, rather than allowing it to flow outward to engage with the world.  I felt invisible in life.  I couldn’t tell if my friends really liked me.  I didn’t like being at home, as the energy was so unpleasant.  I was just so sad.  And I carried the imprint of the abuse that my lineage had suffered, feeling it but not realizing that it wasn’t mine.

Later, as I went on my spiritual awakening journey, I experienced trauma directly: all day, every single day, for several years.  This wasn’t interpersonal trauma, nor was it caused by an event; it was what I call “psychic trauma”: trauma experienced through engagement with the spiritual or psychic realms.  It was severe, excruciating, just plain bad.

That journey—as I believe it was meant to do—really opened me up to the concept of trauma and PTSD, and I felt called to go deep into the subject, so that I could undo the damage—not just for myself but for others.  Indeed, as you probably do, I know many people who have suffered horribly at the hands of others, or suffered just because of the corruption and injustice around us, or suffered because of events and war.  I don’t want them to suffer anymore; I don’t want you to suffer anymore.  Alleviating suffering is part of why I’m here.

I have therefore studied trauma by observing my own experiences, reactions, and attempts to get help (which were too often met with people who re-traumatized me, gave me false hope, dismissed me, or made me worse in some other way).  I have earned continuing education credits from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM).  I have taken a 20-hour training in healing PTSD using holistic methods.  I have studied, for example, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk’s required reading, “The Body Keeps the Score,” and Dr. Gabor Maté’s compassionate and clear-sighted tome on addiction, “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts.”  I know that healing of any kind is a holistic approach, and so all of the modalities and methods that I try for myself are brought into client sessions.

Trauma isn’t just “emotional.”  It’s physical.  Our endocrine systems are weakened, our adrenal glands are fatigued, our livers are sluggish, our brains are disorganized and potentially clogged with stimuli…

Trauma isn’t just “physical,” either, though.  It’s energetic.  We are beings of energy.  Our whole world is made of energy.  And so energy connects us to events and people, across time and space.  To be free of our past, we need to disconnect our energy bodies from those situations.  We also need to recover the parts of our energy bodies that we lost or which were taken from us.

All of this is what I study.

I truly do know what it’s like to suffer.  I know also what it’s like to go undiagnosed, to feel helpless in the face of misery, and to feel hopeless that it will ever get better.  What I also know is that it really can get better.

If you feel that I can help you, or you’d like to explore that possibility in a free consultation, the options are here.


About Jen

Jen Wozny is a Holistic Energy Healer who blends Reiki, Shamanism, Psychic Healing, Life Coaching, and holistic guidance to help her clients heal from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns. She is the founder of Put The Light Here, a wellness company based in Ottawa, Ontario, with clients on almost every continent. A former part of Canada’s national security community, Jen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Intelligence Analysis. She is also a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, Elite Life Coach, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, with Continuing Education credits in healing trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Find more about Jen in her bio, in her Curriculum Vitae, and in her story, “25,000 Miles to Me: Faith, Endurance, and Uncovering My True Self.” View the list of topics she has studied.

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