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Energetic Security, as Jen defines and practices, means “securing all non-physical aspects of a person, place, or thing, from all threats that are non-physical.”

The non-physical realm as discussed here is synonymous with the realm of energy.
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Non-physical aspects of a person, place, or thing include their: soul; energy field (aura); thoughts and mental processes; and connections to (or entanglements with) others.

Non-physical threats include: entities, demons, and parasites; thought forms; energy (such as electromagnetic frequencies) emanating from technology and machinery; energy deliberately designed and broadcast to cause harm (such as mind control broadcasts); attacks facilitated by psychics, mystics, witches, Occultists, and dark magic; deliberate negative manipulation of one’s energy field; soul harvesting or energy harvesting; emplacement of attachments (including cords); and more.

All matter is energy, and energy therefore is matter. What this means is that energetic types of threats can and do affect our material world:

  • Such threats may impact our physical body, health, energy levels, ability to think clearly, and ability to act logically.
  • These threats have the ability to make us think or act in a manner inconsistent with who we really are.
  • They have the ability to influence how others think about us and act toward us.
  • They have the ability to influence how our very lives unfold, including to hinder or obstruct our progress.
  • Additionally, such threats have the ability to bring into our lives that which we do not want.

The threats are many, and not all are listed here.  energy clearing psychic protection entity removal clear bad energy psychic attack spiritual warfare

There are many layers to the concept of energetic security, just as there are layers to the concept of physical security. Using the latter as an example, some people do nothing to protect themselves from possible harm. Some take small measures such as locking their doors and avoiding troublesome neighborhoods at night. Other people take self-defense classes and install alarm systems in their home. Still others train for years in martial arts and with weapons, and set homemade traps against intruders. Some people even enlist in law enforcement, military, or special operations units in order to provide security for as many people as possible. The non-physical realm has all of the same levels of threats and preventive measures. Indeed, it has more.

The non-physical realm has all of the same levels of threats and preventive measures–and more.

How secure a person wishes to be depends on their goals for their life, the effort they are willing to expend in order to reach and maintain that level of security, and the types of threats that may face them. Energetic security may be as simple as avoiding locations that are known hangouts for entities. It may be as complex as altering one’s life and habits completely.

Jen is aware of numerous, multidimensional threats to energetic security and seeks to raise awareness about these issues. Awareness means that we are better able to take control of our energy and lives. It makes us less vulnerable, more empowered. As well, awareness sometimes helps to explain a lot of things that have happened in our lives; this may remove any guilt, shame, or blame by letting us know that we or a given situation was being externally influenced by negative energy. Such knowledge can bring relief, healing, and peace.

Energetic Security practices are blended into all of Jen’s appointmentsenergy clearing entity removal

Since non-physical threats include negative thoughts and judgments that people hold against another person, anyone who is exposed to a large population of people may find themselves especially targeted.

Therefore, celebrities, media personalities, and public figures of all types, almost always require regular energy clearings. Otherwise, the negativity projected at them accumulates and, over time, can become debilitating–physically, mentally, emotionally, and at the level of their very soul.

What are some consequences of not getting an energy clearing? Bad thoughts that are not ours, and behaviors that we feel drawn to take but which we did not personally choose. Read more in this article (gentle trigger warning): “Suicidal Thoughts: An Occultist explains what’s really going on.”

Learn about energetic threats on your own time, with this 1-hour audio mini-course: “Energetic Security: Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself now.” psychic protection psychic attack spiritual warfare

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