put the light here, declaration from spirit, you have the power, let there be light

“Put The Light Here” originated as a statement, a declaration.  It was given to me by Spirit, as an opportunity for everyone to direct the Light to where they want it to go: “Right here is where I need some Light.  Put it here, please.”

Per Spirit’s guidance, this declaration has held space on the Internet since February 2014, and it formally became the name of my company in December 2017.

At Put The Light Here, Light is what it’s all about: light as energy; and light as information.  I offer you both, in tangible and intangible forms.  The goal is to support you and to illuminate you.  To bring healing to you and your eternal soul.  To provide full information around important decisions.  And to make sure you are as empowered as possible, regarding your health, your life, and the entirety of who you are.

When navigating this website, I hope you will follow the guidance of your heart.  Your heart knows your truth.

Above all, may you always have the Light when you need it.

~ Jen Wozny

Founder of Put The Light Here and proud representative of the Light on Earth


merkaba, merkaba 64, sacred geometry, gold energy, energy cleansing,. Read more about how this company came into being, through the spiritual awakening journey of its founder Jen Wozny. Listen to her speak about the journey, and how healing herself resulted in inner peace, in the Amazing Humans podcast. Hear how the spiritual journey turned into a spiritual business here.

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