Shipping Insurance: Extra Coverage


All packages shipped by Put The Light Here are insured by Canada Post for up to $100.

To add more coverage to your order, use the Quantity field below.

Every $2.50 adds an extra $100 of shipping insurance coverage.


We offer free shipping within Canada and the continental USA, and shipments are automatically covered by insurance up to $100.  Use this product if you would like to add extra shipping insurance to your purchase of crystals from the Shop at Put The Light Here.

For more details on our policies, including our return policy, visit our FAQs page.


Why use crystals?

Each stone has numerous benefits to the physical body, emotional body, psychic abilities, and spiritual path. Below for each stone is a small selection of key characteristics, but please note that more information is available online or in your favorite crystal reference book. Also included on this page are the properties of metals, pearls, and wood.  metaphysical properties of crystals

As well, it is important to note that a stone will sometimes call to us for its own reasons, and it will not matter what the books and websites say are its beneficial properties. We will just feel that “there’s something about that crystal…” In such instances, perhaps it will be our hearts that help us to know if the item is right for us.

Read about the Metaphysical Properties of Crystals.

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