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Start feeling lighter, happier, and healthier in your space.

Is your home feeling heavy?  Has the house been the site of arguments, stress, or illness?  Are you moving into a new home, or out of your current one?  Do you know that the walls, floors, and land absorb all of this dense and unhealthy energy–and they hold it, then radiate it back to you?

Get rid of it.

An energy clearing is a form of energy healing (e.g., Reiki, Shamanism) done for the specific purpose of removing energy that is unhealthy.  It is the reason why smudging (burning sage or incense) is so popular, but smudging has limitations.

Jen’s energy clearings are powerful, deep, and thorough.  Years worth of built-up energetic gunk can be removed in just one session.  Results can be felt immediately.  And your own health, as well as the health of everyone living there, can be improved.


“[Jen] understands the depths, breadth and magnitude of deep energy healing/clearing.”


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About the Service

This service provides you with an energy clearing of your home or a property up to half an acre.  (For larger properties, full buildings, and more, please contact Jen for pricing details.)  The service is performed remotely, enabling anyone worldwide to receive it.

After doing the work, Jen will write you an email describing what happened, and providing any further guidance if necessary. (Total: 1 hour of work)

To order this service, you must be either the owner or the occupant of the home.  If you are neither, then Jen requires the consent of the owner and/or the occupant before she will ethically manipulate this energy.

Jen will perform the service within 3-5 business days of your purchase and send your email directly afterward.

Please send Jen information with the address of the home, including province/state and country.


Order this Service



For questions about this service, please book a free phone consultation with Jen.


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