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All information and all products displayed on this website (putthelighthere.com) and produced under the name “Put The Light Here” or “putthelighthere.com” or “Jen Wozny” (of Ontario, Canada) are the Property, including the Intellectual Property, of Jennifer L. Wozny, unless otherwise stated. All Rights and Copyrights are therefore Reserved, and none of the aforementioned Property may be used in any way without the prior verbal and then handwritten permission of Jen Wozny. The above statements govern all “Put The Light Here” materials in perpetuity.


Additionally, Put The Light Here has the right to protect the energetic integrity of this website, brand, and business. Our work is generated from the heart and with pure intent. We therefore welcome reviews and communications that are communicated in the same manner, including those that wish to provide us with constructive, compassionate feedback. If any comment or communication carries a negative energy, even subtly, then please know that we will likely not engage with it, not acknowledge it, and possibly remove it from our system. New submissions, adjusted to be aligned with Put The Light Here’s values, would be considered.


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