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Soul Retrieval: Bringing our soul into wholeness (short post)

I thought I’d share my answer to a question (on Facebook) about “soul retrieval” and whether we are able to do this for ourselves, or whether we need someone else to do it for us.  Note: This is just a short post.


What is Soul Retrieval

First, what’s “soul retrieval”?

In energy medicine, we can see that whenever a person experiences trauma, a piece of their soul breaks off. The trauma can be minor (hitting your thumb with a hammer) or major. In each case, generally speaking, a piece of our energy breaks off. We are therefore no longer whole.

In order to become whole, we need to find those lost pieces, heal them, and reintegrate them into our energy field and soul.


Can We Facilitate Soul Retrieval On Ourselves?

Can we do this for ourselves? Yes and no.

In my experience, there are pieces that we can get for ourselves, and then pieces that someone else needs to get for us.

In cases where someone else needs to retrieve the pieces, it’s sometimes because:

– they are uniquely able to access the place where the piece is located (and I am not);
– I am meant to learn something from having interacted with this other healer; or
– my soul piece is so damaged that I myself simply need to hold space while someone else retrieves it.

There are other reasons why someone would need to get it for us, so this is just a short list.

Sometimes we simply are meant to work in partnership with others.

But we are absolutely capable of healing ourselves—we have so much power.


Help For Retrieving Your Soul’s Lost Pieces

I do soul retrieval in my healing practice.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or book a consult if you would prefer a private space.

If you are ready to bring yourself further towards wholeness, you are welcome to book an appointment.

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