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healing services

Put The Light Here offers you a variety of unique services that are tailored to your needs. healing services


Appointments (Energy Healing/Life Coaching/Mentoring): This is your opportunity to take advantage of everything that Jen offers.  Appointments are a blend of energy healing to help your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical concerns; coaching to help you reach your goals; and information that helps you understand your current context and how to proceed from here.  That said, each appointment is tailored to your unique needs. Read more or schedule your appointment.

Monthly Healing Calls: This is Jen’s initiative to help everyone who needs it, and offers you energy healing and guided meditation in a group setting, at a convenient price.  Also included is a live Question & Answer period where you can get guidance about life, healing, health, spirituality, relationships, career, and more.  Calls happen the first Wednesday of the month, at 7pm EST (4pm PST), accessed through a web page.  Read more or register here.

Energy by Email: Are you too busy to have an appointment—but you need healing anyway?  This option is for you.  Buy this product, tell Jen what’s going on and what you’d like her to work on, and she’ll do energy healing on you.  Once complete, she’ll send you an email with her observations and guidance.  Read more and order Energy by Email.

Home and Property Clearings: Do you know that the home you live in absorbs the energy of what happens inside of it? That includes illness, arguments, and stress. Over time, that all gets radiated back to you and your family, affecting your health and how you feel. Get rid of it–with an energy clearing for your home or property–and start feeling lighter, happier, and healthier in your space. Read more or order this service.

Psychopomp: Helping Loved Ones Cross Over: Psychopomp is a form of energy healing, but done specifically for a soul who has recently left their body (died), and with the purpose of ensuring that they are safe and healthy, and arrive at their next destination smoothly. It is also healing for the family and friends who are still here. Read more or order this service.

Mentoring for Healers & Lightworkers: If you are an existing Energy Healing professional, and are ready to upgrade your abilities, awaken to new possibilities, remain current with the changing world, or get some important healing for yourself, then this is for you.  As well, if you are a Lightworker and seek guidance about how to fulfill your purpose or how to fit into the world, then this is for you, too. Read more or schedule your appointment.

Self-Study Mini-Courses: Check out Jen’s line of Spiritual Self-Study downloads in the Shop!  Each one discusses a specific topic related to health, healing, the spiritual path, and/or advanced Lightworker subjects.  Each discussion pulls the best and most practical wisdom from a wide variety of traditions–Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Shamanism, food-based healing, and much more.  Included in every “mini-course” is a guided meditation that offers you energy healing; some meditations work specifically on the subject discussed.  Shop the Mini-Courses!

Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, and Psychic Trauma: Jen holds continuing education credits in treating trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and is experienced both with Complex PTSD and with the trauma that arises from the spirit world.  All of Jen’s work is trauma sensitive.  Using her Energy Healing skills, she has a comprehensive approach to PTSD, which considers physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul-level well-being. Jen also supports Post-Traumatic Growth. Read more or schedule your appointment.

Energetic (Psychic) Security: Our bodies are both physical and energetic, and the energetic parts of ourselves can be highly vulnerable. Intrusions, manipulations, and attacks are often subtle; undetectable. Yet the negative effects on our lives can be significant. Jen therefore offers Energetic Security to clients as a dedicated service. Read more or schedule your appointment.

Advanced-Level Support: Does no one understand what you’re going through, no matter who you hire or what modality you try?  Are you a starseed or a lightworker and need some help?   Jen understands some of the more far out and unusual things that are happening to us here on Earth.  Read more.

Intensives: If you are ready for your entire life, environment, and soul to get an upgrade as quickly as possible, no matter what, then this option might suit you.  It is for those souls who are serious, committed, and 100% ready.  Read more.

Group Services: Group Services include teaching and speaking, as well as group coaching and group healing.  Jen’s professional experience includes course design and teaching, both in person and online. If interested in discussing this option for your group, then please contact her.

Consulting: As Jen says, An organization will be (only) as big as the consciousness that leads it.  Therefore, your organization will only grow to be as truly successful and happy as the leader is–on their inside.  Jen’s consulting services provide the perspective of higher consciousness, in order to guide people and institutions into the future as easily and efficiently as possible; as well as to expand the consciousness of the people at the top of the organization, because the truth is that they define everything that happens beneath them.  Jen Wozny’s professional experience includes working for the US Department of Defense and the Government of Canada, as well as private companies.  For more information, please contact Jen or visit www.HigherConsciousnessConsulting.com.


“It is my sincere belief that if you’re drawn to Jen then you’re blessed with a loving light and now poised to learn and gracefully evolve as needed through mastering or understanding whatever portion of your current life path you’re seeking to master.”

~ Debbie

As an advanced-level Energy Healer and Lightworker, and an Elite Life Coach with a diverse background in the healing and wellness arts, Jen is able to assist you in numerous ways.  If you do not see what you are looking for, then please contact her with your question, or schedule your free consultationhealing services

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