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advanced healer

Curriculum Vitae for Jennifer Wozny advanced healer

University Degrees:
Bachelor of Arts: Psychology major; Economics minor (Wilfrid Laurier University; Ontario, Canada)
Master of Science: Applied Intelligence (Mercyhurst College’s Institute for Applied Intelligence; Pennsylvania, USA)

Masters thesis: Optimizing Communication Between Decisionmakers And Intelligence Analysts: Stopping “Slam Dunks” And Avoiding “Dead Wrongs”


Life Coaching:
Elite Life Coach (certified by The Coach Mindset of Des Moines, Iowa)

Energy Healing:
Reiki Master (certified by Julie Desmarais & Associates; includes completion of Levels 1, 2, and 3 Holographic Usui Reiki)
Sat Nam Rasayan (the healing branch of Kundalini Yoga; workshops completed with Mahan Kirn and Harinam)
Psychic Healing (remote healing; thousands of hours completed)
Shamanism (workshop completed with Shoshana Avree)
Integrated Energy Therapy (IET; healing with the Archangels)
Experience includes working with: the Core Soul; lineages; holograms; templates; DNA reprogramming; past lives; parallel lives; soul retrieval; entity removal; the Akashic Records; past-life regression (including Dolores Cannon’s “QHHT” method)

Science Related to Working with Energy:
Quantum physics
Electronics and electrical systems
Computer networks and programming

Kundalini Yoga Teacher (certified by the Kundalini Research Institute)
PTSD / Trauma-informed Yoga (20-hour immersive, Sedona Yoga Festival)
Yin Yoga
Kriya Yoga (retreat taken at Ananda Village, Nevada City, California)
Hatha Yoga
Hot Yoga
Primal Yoga (class taught by Liz Arch)
Yoga Nidra (including iRest, via Molly Birkholm)
Pranayama (yogic breathing)  advanced healer

Buddhist (Vajrayana)
Vipassana (10-day, 3-day, and 1-day sittings completed)

Body Work:
Craniosacral Therapy
Osteopathy (Biodynamic)
Massage (including Abhyanga and deep tissue)
Lymphatic Therapy
Spiritual dance
Tantric healing
Iridology (per Dr. Robert Morse)
Myofascial Release
Gua Sha  advanced healer

Veganism, vegetarianism, pescetarianism
Raw food
Food combining
Cleansing and detoxing, including lymphatic cleanses, guided cleanses, Ayurvedic cleanses, the work of Dr. Robert Morse, and the work of Anthony William (the Medical Medium)
Ayurveda (workshop with Maria Garre completed)
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Medical Medium

Emotional Processing:
Trauma healing (completed 10 Continuing Education credits from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine/NICABM)
Tapping (Thought-Field Therapy / Emotional Freedom Technique) (class taught by Suzanne Connolly)
Cathartic techniques such as journalling, letter writing, anger release, and use of external stimuli to prompt an emotional release
Solar activity (the effects of flares, coronal mass ejections, and geomagnetic storms on human bodies and emotions)
The Landmark Forum (completed)
Study of the brain, neural wiring, and how and where emotions are interpreted and stored

Numerology (Western, Tantric)
Astrology (Western, Chinese, Vedic, Mayan, geographic/astrocartography)
Human Design
Sacred Contracts

“New Age” Therapies:
Crystals, including Crystal Skulls
Sound Therapy (crystal bowls, singing bowls, Solfeggio frequencies, mantra, sacred chant, gong)
Homeopathy (including gem elixirs)
Animal totems
Nature totems
Pagan celebrations (such as the Rites of the Solstices and Equinoxes)
Angelic communication (workshop completed in Sedona, Arizona)
Tarot / Oracle cards
Activating the Human Lightbody (completion of “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” course, in Sedona, Arizona, with Drunvalo Melchizedek)

Advanced-Level Experience:
The “Ascension” (including completion of “Ascension Path” course by Sandra Walter)
Timelines (shifting them, and re-aligning to higher timelines)
Frequency management
Anchoring light
Transmuting energies
Broadcasting frequencies outward
Light vs Dark (people, beings, energies, programming, parts of Creation)
Psychic security and protection (repelling and protecting against Dark/negative energies and programs)
The Matrix
Dismantling energetic structures
Being a fractal
Being an empath
5D/higher-dimensional living
Integration of the Highest Self
Walk-ins (including the walking in of pieces of one’s own Self)
Clearing and healing of Gaia/Earth
Gridwork and Gatework
Traveling Lightwork
Service to Spirit, adherence to Divine Will, and absolute faith in the All advanced healer

Martial Arts:
Jiu-jitsu (blue belt)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Trauma-sensitive therapy
Developed and taught university-level writing and presentation courses
Masters-level thesis in best practices for written communication and design: Optimizing Communication Between Decisionmakers And Intelligence Analysts: Stopping “Slam Dunks” And Avoiding “Dead Wrongs,” cited on Wikipedia

advanced healer

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