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Energy Healing (Cymatics): The sounds around us are changing our cells

Here’s a fun way to look at a serious subject: Swiss students exposed cheese to different types of music for six months to see if the sound vibrations (i.e., the music) would affect how the matter (i.e., the cheese) developed. sound healing

Guess what? It did.

(As a long-time fan of rap music, I happily say that hip hop was victorious.)

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This is an immensely important subject: Cymatics—the study of how invisible frequencies affect physical matter, like our bodies and brains.  (Cymatics typically studies the appearance of sound on form–what it looks like.  I’m using the term here to go a bit deeper–into the actual fact that sound changes form.)

Why is this important? Consider: What sounds are surrounding you right now? Are they life-enhancing or are they perhaps life-destroying?

Would you like to improve your health and life? Then one easy way to do this is to play life-enhancing frequencies in your environment.

Some examples: mantra music; singing bowls; and nature sounds, including wild dolphin and whale music.

As well, reduce the “life-destroying” frequencies, and note that these cannot always be heard clearly with our ears… One example: WiFi.

Cool, yes? And simple.

Read the article at RobbReport.com.


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