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17 days to closure (following the transition of a soul)

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Someone I used to know passed away last night.  Due to a recent decline in health, it was expected.  In advance of their passing, I had offered to help their soul make it Home as easily as possible.  I was granted permission, and indeed tuned in to them this morning.  death loved one

What I witnessed was a common occurrence that I had witnessed before: confusion, disorientation, and the need for assistance.


I first encountered the ability to assist newly transitioned souls during training to become a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga.  We learned two things:

First, that some Yogis believe that a soul spends up to 17 days in a sort of holding area.

During this time, several things happen; but importantly, the soul can be held back by the cries, grief, and pleas of the people who don’t want to let this soul go.  This is not helpful to a soul who is trying to move forward.  However, if we are aware of this 17-day transition period, then we–the ones who are alive and grieving–can use it to gain closure with the soul of our departed loved one.  This gesture helps both sides: we get to say what we couldn’t when the person was in body; and the soul is granted the freedom to continue its journey.  death loved one

The second thing we learned was the one-word mantra, “Akal.”

Loosely translated, Akal means “undying.”  When a soul crosses, we chant this mantra to them.  We tell them that they should not identify with the body that they left behind, because they are really a body of energy, that this energy is Divine, and that this energy is never dies.  When we tell them Akal, we are helping orient them towards the Light; we are telling them that it’s okay to go Home.  We are freely letting them go.

Is it necessary to help a soul cross over?  I will say that it greatly helps.  And it is a final act that we can do out of love and compassion.

When a soul leaves its physical body, it does not necessarily go instantly or automatically to “Heaven.”  Think of it like this: When a person is first learning to swim, one method is to push them into the water.  The first reaction of the person having their first experience being completely immersed in water is usually to panic and to flail.  There is a type of shock at this unfamiliar environment.  Eventually, and ideally, they will calm down enough to figure out what to do to keep their head above water; they may even figure out how to tread water.  They will become stable enough in the water to receive further instructions.  Later, they may enjoy the sensation.

A soul who is re-entering the spirit world after a prolonged period in a body sometimes reacts in the same way as the person who has been pushed into water: panic; shock; confusion; flailing.

There are even beings in that realm who prey on such confusion, which is why Shamans perform what is called “psychopomp.”  But that is an aside, and for another discussion.  [N.B.: We offer Psychopomp as a service.]

When we chant Akal directly to a soul who is in their holding area, it’s like we are at the side of the pool gently telling them that they are okay, that they are in a safe place, that they know exactly what to do and just need to remember it.

We help to clear their confusion so that they may stabilize.  Because their trip to the Light may not happen immediately, we keep chanting Akal for the 17 days.  Eventually, we might feel that they are no longer there; they are Home.

Over the years, I have tuned into several souls right after they crossed.  I have indeed monitored their progress in the holding area.  I have indeed witnessed them feel confusion or sadness, and then–days later–feel peaceful and ready.  I have indeed noticed when they were finally in the Light.

Many souls leave our world each day.  One act of kindness and service is to call on them (either out loud or within your heart) and tell them “Akal.”  You are Undying.  Find the Light that is waiting for you.  It’s okay to go Home.

Akal.  Akal.  Akal.


A recording of this mantra, should you wish to let it guide you, is here.


To learn about Psychopomp as a service that we offer, please visit the page here.


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death loved one

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