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Podcast: An advanced discussion about “spirituality” and the true nature of reality

The My Village 3xperience Podcast

In this high-level discussion about spirituality, energy, and the nature of reality, Jen Wozny talks with Ottawa’s Meissa Sarr of the My Village 3xperience podcast.

We discuss:

– the deep value of empathy, honesty, and connection to Source;

– the signs that our soul gives us throughout our lives, and how those signs led me, personally, into the Intelligence Community;

– the mechanics of why, exactly, things like astrology and crystals are useful;

– what we can learn from being alone with ourselves, and a whole other dimension of “isolation”;

– what “spirituality” really is–and why quantum physicists are kinda-sorta spiritual;

– why there truly is a dark side to the energy world–and how to easily understand that;

– why conventional forms of activism (such as protests and letter-writing) are not always effective, and the true level at which we need to direct our efforts;

– the long-term goal of our Yoga and meditation practices;

   – and more.


Listen to the podcast above or on iTunes, on Spotify, on Google, on Stitcher, or on the other platforms listed here.


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~ Jen

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