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Has your quality of sleep changed?

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Has anyone else been extra busy lately while they are sleeping?  I have noticed a significant increase in my nighttime work since about December 25.  Whereas normally I visit one or a few different realms while I’m out of the body at night, lately I’ve been going in and out of places constantly.  And each place is different from the last.  And I am doing more missions than usual.

An uptick in nighttime tempo does happen occasionally.  I recall January and February of 2016, where the work was non-stop.  It was so busy that it invaded my waking hours: I was guided to be in frequent meditation and therefore available to assist the higher realms as much as possible.

The uptick is a good thing, I believe.  It signifies at least two things:

  • One, we have increased access to the higher realms, which also means that “the veil”–or the blockade on such access–is lifting even further.
  • And two, we are clearing a lot of unwanted energies.  This makes more room for the energies we do want.

Where are you going at night?  Have you noticed any changes?


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