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The illusion of the layers

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The statement above has a literal meaning as well as a deeper meaning.

The literal meaning is that I just looked too closely at a rap song I’ve enjoyed for decades and realized the artist probably a) was way high when she wrote it and b) never took a grammar course.

(I’m still listening to it, though. I just recognize how significantly a good beat—versus quality lyrics or voice—can make a song.)

The deeper meaning is that when we look closely at something, the illusions at the surface tend to fade.

We see clearly what exists at all levels of that person, place, or thing.

For example, have you ever enjoyed a food, then learned the ingredients and lost your appetite? Or wanted to visit a popular vacation spot, then went there, got to know the area, perhaps saw high levels of poverty or crime, and so the destination lost some of its appeal?

The same dynamic is true with people: Someone seems great on the surface, yet as we get to know them more deeply, we find things that aren’t so nice.

Often, things are “out of alignment.” The different levels of a person, place, or thing are exhibiting contrary characteristics.

The food packaging promises to make you happy and satisfied, yet you discover that it is full of chemicals and fillers.

The vacation spot promises glamour and relaxation, yet serving you are people who are struggling to make enough money to feed their families.

The person says they want something, yet they take actions that are the opposite.

Just like the rap song with great beat but poor lyrics, there are layers to everything.

The best quality, in my opinion, is found when all layers are in perfect alignment with each other.

Or at least as close as it is possible to get, with constant movement towards perfection.

Just a thought.


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