Psychopomp: Helping Loved Ones Cross Over


This service offers one session of Psychopomp, which is energy healing that is done with the specific purpose to help a newly transitioned soul reach their next destination as safely as possible.  This is part of “conscious dying” or “conscious transitions.”

Important note: Put The Light Here only performs Psychopomp within the first 14 days of departure. After this time, we will instead recommend that you have a One-on-One Appointment of at least 30 minutes.

On the Checkout page, in the “Order Notes” box, please include:
1. The full name of the person who has transitioned, and for whom this service is therefore being purchased;
2. The date on which they left (month, day, and year); and
3. Any information that you feel would be useful for Put The Light Here to know before we begin the Psychopomp work.

Please allow 1-3 business days for this work to be completed.

Please read the full details below of what to expect from this service.


The session will involve approximately 10-20 minutes of energy work, depending on what we encounter when we tune into this soul. When the session is complete, Jen will write you an email that outlines her observations.

Please note: Some souls do not arrive Home in just one session, or in just one day.  Some souls need time to reach closure with the Earthly life that they just left behind, and this includes giving their still-living loved ones time to process the loss and let go. As well, some souls have debts to be repaid before they can return Home; they may even re-enter the cycle of reincarnation, or they may be required to go to elsewhere in order to repay karma, learn lessons, or rest before deciding on their next destination. Each situation is unique.  Therefore, Put The Light Here does not guarantee nor promise that we will transport your loved one Home; only that we will do our best and will inform you of the results.

More information about Psychopomp is here.


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