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“Can solar activity make my muscles sore?”

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Question: Can space weather—like solar flares and geomagnetic storms—cause my muscles to be sore, to be stiff, and to spasm?


Answer: Yes, that’s a symptom.

Imagine what happens when people get electrocuted: So much current passes through their muscles that those muscles clench and tense.

That’s what’s happening when energy comes in: It passes through our muscles and, if it’s a lot of energy, those muscles tense up.

They tense for as long as the current passes through…which can be hours at a time.

So that leaves us feeling tight, stiff, and sore.

Therefore, to remedy this situation, do whatever will soften your muscles. This can include: stretching; light yoga; walking or light exercise; massage; myofascial release; a visit to the chiropractor; lymphatic self-massage and drainage; using magnesium, either as a supplement or in a bath with Epsom salts; deep breathing for the sake of relaxing tension; and energy healing.


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