Herkimer “Diamond” Pendant & Earrings Set


This is a delicate and gorgeous set!

These Herkimer “Diamonds” are the highest quality available–Grade AA.  Double A means that they are certified to be 98+% flawless, eye clean, no contacts, and have the possibility of only very minor micro inclusions.

The chain, pendant, and earrings are all made from Sterling Silver.

Pendant stone: 6.5mm.

Earrings stones: 5mm (each).

Chain length: 18 inches.

This item comes in a jewelry box tied with ribbon.  Put The Light Here’s signature Moldavite charm comes as a separate piece, allowing you to use it as desired.  Crystal Care Instructions are included in your package.  Also included is our Silver Care Mini-Kit.

Full details are below.


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Ships within 3-5 business days.  For questions about shipping, caring for your item, and more, please see the FAQs page.  Information about Moldavite may be found at the Metaphysical Properties of Crystals page.  herkimer necklace


Metaphysical Properties of This Product

Herkimer “Diamonds”: “Herkimer Diamond” is the name given to a variety of Quartz that is generally found only in and near the town of Herkimer in New York, United States. They are harder than most other Quartzes, and grow in “short, small, stubby double-terminated shapes and [their] glossy surfaces make them…resemble Diamond crystals.”* Herkimer “Diamonds” are therefore characterized by hardness and gloss.

Energetically, these are high-vibrational stones. According to Robert Simmons, Herkimers “are manifestations of pure, solidified spiritual Light…[and] emanate a high, harmonious energy.” [RS]

Spiritually, these stones may be used for communicating with the angelic realms, connecting with the higher realms, incorporating higher realities into daily life, expanding one’s consciousness, activating the light body, increasing psychic sensitivity, meditation (especially in communion with the higher realms), telepathy, lucid dreaming and other forms of dream work, “stimulating inner vision,” past-life recall, astral travel, time travel, interdimensional work, grid work, healing the Earth, and “other unconventional inner exploration methods.”** “This stone stimulates conscious attunement to the highest spiritual levels and to your own potential….opens channels for spiritual energy to flow….[and brings] your soul’s purpose forward.”*

The very high and pure vibration of Herkimer “Diamonds” may therefore be used for ascension: the process of raising one’s physical and spiritual vibration and consciousness to a higher level of existence.

Physically, Herkimers are a purifier: they can purify and detoxify the body and energy field, and remove blockages as well as lower-frequency energies. These stones also “assist in general healing by increasing the amount of Light energy [that] the body can utilize.”* According to Judy Hall, a Herkimer “Diamond” treats “disease by contact; relieves insomnia caused by geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution; corrects DNA, cellular disorders, and metabolic imbalances….[and] promotes past-life recall of injuries and disease that still affect the present life.”

Herkimer “Diamonds” are used by healers in their treatment rooms and on patients. The stones also make excellent gem elixirs and room sprays that cleanse and uplift a space.

Mohs hardness: 7.5.
Group: Quartz (silicon dioxide).

herkimer necklace

Silver: The energy of the metal Silver is associated with the moon and the qualities of lunar energy; “life force in its hidden aspect”; introversion; the unconscious; cooling and calming energy; a sense of mystery; and the archetypal feminine energy.* “Silver is second to gold in its electrical conductivity.”*

herkimer necklace

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Dimensions 3.2 × 2.3 × 1.2 in


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