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Energy Update: Exercise your power, NOW

Even though things are still chaotic on Earth, and we’re burned out, the energy that governs us—behind the scenes—is promising. Not only that, but it is now demanding that we use our power. lightwarrior awakening update energy update 2021 lightworker

Here’s the full story:

awakening ascension update take back your power use your spiritual power lightworker lightwarrior

Intense Energies March-June

Since mid-March, around the time of Equinox, there has been a significance increase in solar activity. The Sun, which had been quiet for a couple of years, is now flaring again, as well as producing geomagnetic storms.

These energies were especially intense in the last 10 days of April. The weekend of April 24-25 saw huge amounts of energy arrive—hitting us at high speeds, and the shock was absorbed not just by the Earth’s magnetic field but by our own, as well. This was followed on April 26-27 by a super full moon—and that event was particularly impactful. By the morning of April 27, people were having breakdowns, edging well beyond just plain burnout.

The impact was so severe that, for the first time that I’ve ever seen in years of monitoring, people were describing the energies as “torture.” awakening ascension energy update 2021 lightworker lightworkers lightwarrior lightwarriors

Know that the solar activity will continue.

Not only that, but we are heading into two major energetic events in late May and June.

  1. The first is Eclipse Season: On May 26, we have a total eclipse of the Moon. This event takes us deep into the darkness and unknown, causing us to dredge up what has been buried and hidden for a very long time. Some of this is positive—we find our buried gifts and wisdom. But some of this is difficult—we dredge up our deepest wounds and fears. Whatever comes up, it is for the greater good. It’s only when we heal the wounds that we go even higher.

Eclipses come in pairs, and so on June 10 we have a partial eclipse of the Sun. Solar eclipses are a reboot of Earth’s energy grids. Anything that has been installed prior to the eclipse can find itself coming online with this reboot. So do the work that you need and want to do—before this date. And when it arrives, invite all upgrades to become active. (Read “Solar and Lunar Eclipses: What happens, what it does to us, and how Occultists use the energy.”)

2. Shortly after this we have Solstice. On June 20, the Earth will have tipped to its farthest point in one direction, will pause for a moment at that point, and then will begin to move back in the opposite direction. Energetically, this is a day when much Light arrives, and we can ask to integrate it in real time. As well, this is a day when tipping points are reached and we can break free from things that are holding us down or back.

Basically, we are here in this intensity for awhile. Knowing that enables us to plan for it. Take care of yourself and rest when you can.

lightworker lightworkers lightwarrior lightwarriors energy update 2021

What is This Energy Actually Doing to Us?

All of this energy is having an effect on several things: It’s having an effect on the energy that governs our planet at a fundamental level, so that what happens on Earth is changing. It’s also having an effect on US, on our souls and our human lives, so that our very lives change.

Before I get to what is happening as of spring 2021, let’s look back at the significant changes that have been happening since summer 2020.

lightworker lightwarrior awakening ascension update take back your power use your spiritual power

2020 Review

As of July 2020, the governing energy of Earth was finally impelling us to push back against bullsh*t. It was finally giving us permission to stop accepting bullsh*t, manipulation, narcissism, and all manner of Dark control over our lives. Up until then, we tolerated it simply because we had little choice. If we stood up to Darkness, we usually lost. That was just how things were, and that was based on the fact that the great majority of the background energy on Earth was indeed Dark. The Lightworkers have spent generations trying to shift this dynamic.

And it began to shift in July 2020. So, not only did we have the ability to stop tolerating it, but we were also being impelled from within to push back. This was an excellent development. It also meant that we had spiritual support for doing this, and a greater chance of succeeding against those Dark forces. (Read “Energy Update: Pushing back, with zero tolerance for bullsh*t”)

Then came August 2020 and the single best piece of news I have ever been able to share: The scales had finally tipped, in terms of who holds the governing power on Earth.

It was the Lion’s Gate energy of early August that gave the last push needed to begin the transfer of power—out of the hands of the Dark, and into the hands of the Light.

This process began right at the top, and will take time to filter down through all levels of Lighted beings. It is therefore ongoing.

After the scales tipped is when many Lights saw themselves being moved around the game board. What that means is that people who had been wanting to change homes for years, but didn’t know where to go, finally found their Home and moved quite suddenly. And people who had been stuck in unfulfilling or even toxic jobs, but who didn’t know what else to do, finally found themselves with new job prospects or even retirement. In these and other ways, our lives finally were able to change for the better. (Read “Energy Update: The scales have finally tipped.”)

In December 2020, I received my annual message about the overall theme for the year ahead. In 2019, for example, it was The Year of the Lightworker. In 2020, it was The Year of Arising. In 2021, it is The Year We Take the Planet Back.

awakening ascension lightworker lightworkers lightwarrior lightwarriors energy update 2021

2021 Update

Twenty-twenty-one is the year we take this planet back.

So as of late April 2021, this is what the energies are requiring us to do: Exercise our power, NOW.

No longer is it acceptable to shy away from your power. Or to sit back and watch others struggle. Or to make only token attempts to heal yourself. Or to hand all of your power to some off-world race and have them make your decisions for you.

Nor do you need to protect your abuser anymore. You don’t need to be kind to someone who is perpetually evil anymore. You don’t need to tolerate someone else’s outbursts that have nothing to do with you anymore.

And no longer is it the time of the LightWearers—those who wear the title but do none of the work; they are being outed, as everything is transparent to Spirit and their actions have been seen all along. No longer are we the followers of False Lights (or worse, Dark Lights) who are no more than energy harvesters calling themselves “guru” or “god” and casting a spell on our consciousness; they are being dealt with by the Warriors.

No longer can your power be located anywhere but in your own possession.

You are a powerful being. You are a part of Source energy. You are Source Itself.

You need to take back all of your power from the forces who are holding it. You need to fully embody who you are and what you can do. And you need to use your power—NOW.

So use that power, use your will, use your effort, to turn the tide of this Light-Dark war. The scales may have tipped, but the job is far from over. Rather, at the physical level, it is just beginning. We need to now see physical-world changes everywhere. And that will only happen when you step up.

Step up and say “no.” But go further: Say how it is now going to be. Declare how the new world is going to work. Start acting in accordance with that new energy and exercise your power to ensure that it gets created.

We the Lights have taken the lead. So go lead. Your shift has already started.

lightworker lightwarrior awakening ascension update take back your power use your spiritual power

You Chose This
Know this: This work is not being forced upon you. Rather, when you chose to come into this life, you knew what you were getting into.

Did you come here in the 1920s? Then your soul looked down onto Earth in 1920 and saw a world ravaged by war. Did you come in, in the 1950s? You looked down onto a world ravaged by a nuclear bomb. Did you come in in the 1980s? You looked down on a world with *multiple* wars, famines, and populations made homeless by environmental disaster. Did you come in more recently—in the 2000s? You looked down on a world being vaporized by unnatural electromagnetic frequencies.

You saw all of this, and you decided to come here anyway.

You chose to be here. You knew what you were getting into. So now is the time when you are being called on. You are being called on to do what you came here to do.

What you are here to do is to help dissolve the old world and to help create the new one.

Thankfully, there are many of us down here doing this hard work, so know that you are not alone.

awakening ascension energy update 2021 lightworker lightworkers lightwarrior lightwarriors

Focus On the Trajectory
A lot of people wonder “when” our world will change. And rightly so: We’ve been struggling for so very long, and we’ve been fighting for our freedoms for that long, as well. But it’s important to know that this is a systematic process, step by step; and it’s important to know that the background energy on our planet is changing in good ways.

Therefore, the way you feel inside should also be shifting—gradually but continuously. You should feel the ratio of “bad” to “good” feelings shift, to have a little more good, and a little less bad. The ratio of “successes” to “problems” should shift, to have a little more success, and a little less problem. Your life should get smoother, little by little. And your life should continue to change—if you are doing the work, living with faith, unpacking your soul’s wounds and healing them, accepting responsibility for yourself and for your power. That is how we know that we are changing.

And there will likely be bumps—because this is Earth, and there are usually bumps. So keep your awareness of what’s happening around you, and have your tools handy for when you need them, and be prepared for surprise events. But focus on the trajectory: The trajectory is positive. And we will get there faster when you do the work that is uniquely yours to do.

And let’s be honest: All of what I just said above sounds a lot like what every other Worker and Warrior has been saying for years! It all sounds very much the same.

So focus on the four points outlined above, because they are news:

1. As of July 2020 it was safe enough for us to begin pushing back. Indeed, we were being impelled from within to push back.
2. As of August 2020, the scales tipped in favor of the Light, such that power had begun to be transferred into the hands of the Light. As a result, many Lights had their lives suddenly change—many of these Lights had been in holding patterns for years, and now were free to move, as well as directed where to go.
3. As of 2021, we are taking back control of this planet on a larger scale.
4. As of April 2021, we are being impelled to exercise our power on this Earth. It is time for the Lights to impose their collective will.

Those four points are the ones to focus on, as they represent the trajectory.

lightworker lightworkers lightwarrior lightwarriors energy update 2021
Learn the Bigger Context
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awakening ascension energy update 2021 lightworker lightworkers lightwarrior lightwarriors

~ Jen


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awakening ascension energy update 2021 lightworker lightworkers lightwarrior lightwarriors take back your power use your spiritual power

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