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September News: Have you heard the news?

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Happy September!  How are you doing? How was August for you, with all of the energetic events that were happening?  The most common symptom that people seemed to feel was “overwhelmed.” lightworker ottawa, ascension 2023, awakening 2023

Note that we’re in for another big month of life changes and the shifting of our paths to higher levels.

We’ll still have six planets in retrograde this month: five continue from last month, and one begins retrograde on the 4th.  (Two retrogrades end: Venus and Mercury.)

  • Saturn (retrograde continues)
  • Uranus (retrograde continues)
  • Neptune (retrograde continues)
  • Pluto (retrograde continues)
  • Chiron (retrograde continues)
  • Jupiter (retrograde begins September 4)

So all of that energy continues to play out in our lives.  To refresh your memory of what all of this means, see my post, “August 2023 Energy Report: Are you ready for what’s coming?

As well, we have Equinox this month: It occurs on Saturday, September 23, at 2:50 am EDT.  Remember that Equinox means “equal night” and equal day, so it’s the point of perfect balance in the Earth’s tilt towards and away from the Sun–our power source.  After this point, that balance begins to swing towards one of the extremes.  Equinox is a day of beautiful energy, and the September Equinox specifically is often celebrated as a spiritual harvest: We reap the rewards of all that we’ve been working towards.

As the pace of our lives picks up this month, with back to work and back to school, I hope you will continue to build self-care into your routine.  You are why you are here.  Always keep sight of that.
lightworker ottawa, ascension 2023, awakening 2023

The Big News: On top of all the celestial events–like the retrogrades and Equinox described above–there are also other spiritual and energetic shifts that are happening, even if we don’t hear as much about them.  These shifts affect the background energy that governs all of us.  And in the last several years, I’ve been happy to report that we have had several noteworthy developments that took our whole world, and not just our individual selves, to higher levels.

One of those major shifts just occurred: As of July 2023, we are now able to feel into our future.  Specifically, into the higher-level future that is available for the ascending souls here on Earth.

Let me make it clear: This is huge news.  For many years, there has been no energy available to us for that future.  All “future” energy was closed off.  It felt like standing with your chest pressed against a wall and trying to walk forward; you couldn’t.  There was no opening to walk into.  But now there is.

What this gives us first off is hope.  Too many of us felt hopeless and as if life was pointless when the energy in front of us was literal nothingness.  We wondered why we were staying: If there’s no future, nothing worth staying and waiting for, then why not just leave?  But now we can indeed feel the reason why we’ve held on, and that is a beautiful relief.

The second thing that this new development affords us is the ability to manifest in the new world, which we couldn’t do before.  Yes, we could still manifest; but we couldn’t manifest in the new world energies because those were closed off.  So look forward to new, wonderful, magical things happening for you.  (Beyond your wildest dreams, even.)

And finally, what this means is…we did it.  Creating a new world, dismantling an old world, hanging on to be the bridge between the two when one is barely existing and the other is crumbling, was a huge, multifaceted, multidimensional, long-term effort that spanned thousands of years and involved millions and millions of souls–on and off the planet.  It is no small thing.  And if the Universe, Spirit, and Source have finally said, “Okay.  The new place is solid enough that the doors are open and you can come on in”?  Well, that’s drop-to-your-knees-and-give-thanks material.

Read the full report on this development, as well as some of the historical shifts that brought us here, in my article: “Energy Update: The (new) future is open for business.”

lightworker ottawa, ascension 2023, awakening 2023
In-person Appointments: Are you in the Ottawa, Ontario area?  Then come for an in-person appointment!

I’ll be at Green Spirit in Manotick:

  • Sunday, September 10
  • Saturday, September 23*
  • Friday, September 29

To book, call GS: 613-692-5151.

*The 23rd is the annual Taste of Manotick festival.  I’ll be offering special, 15-minute “Taste of Healing” sessions for those who want to try energy healing.  Feel free to recommend it to your friends or book a spot for yourself!

lightworker ottawa, ascension 2023, awakening 2023
I’ll be happy to help you this month if you need it.  You can book an appointment for energy healing, mentoring, and guidance: Appointments can be made here.

lightworker ottawa, ascension 2023, awakening 2023
I wish you a month of reaping the rewards of your personal harvest!

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Saturday, September 9: Class 6 of the Heal Your Soul online course.  11am to 2pm EST on Zoom.

Sunday, September 10: In-person appointments at Green Spirit in Manotick, Ontario (5562 Main Street).  11:30am to 4:30pm.  To book, call the shop at 613-692-5151.

Saturday, September 23: In-person appointments at Green Spirit in Manotick, Ontario (5562 Main Street).  11:30am to 4:30pm.  To book, call the shop at 613-692-5151.

Friday, September 29 In-person appointments at Green Spirit in Manotick, Ontario (5562 Main Street).  11:30am to 4:30pm.  To book, call the shop at 613-692-5151.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Soul-level energy healing and life coaching appointments, by phone/Skype.  Choose from 2 hours, 90 minutes, 1 hour, or 30 minutes.  Or, start with a free consultation.

Celestial Influences: September 2023

4: Venus Retrograde ends
4: Jupiter Retrograde begins
15: New Moon
15: Mercury Retrograde ends
23: Equinox (2:50am EDT)
29: Full Moon

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