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Energy Update: The scales have finally tipped

August 2020: The Scales Tip

August was a hugely significant month in our planet’s history.  Did you feel it?  light wins

On August 8, we had the “Lion’s Gate,” which is simply a planetary alignment between Earth, the Sun, and the “spiritual sun” Sirius.  It allowed high amounts of positive energy to flow to Earth and affect our lives.  It happens every year.

But in all of the work I’ve done with Earth’s energy over the years, what resulted from the Lion’s Gate 2020 brought us the most clear change that I have ever noticed.

It was like the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Instantaneously, all of the things we have been working towards for years were present. All of the work we’ve done to feel happy, to be peaceful, to be confident in ourselves, to develop inner strength, to manifest, and so much more; suddenly, we embodied it 100%.  It was fully present within us, and fixed in place.

As well, the good that we have been putting out into the Universe began to flow back to us. Previously, this flow was often just a trickle; just enough to sustain our lives and our hope.  But as of August 2020, the flow truly opened.  (It’s not gushing yet, but it’s open.)

I believe that the scales finally tipped.

In favor of the Light.

I have never said that before, and I don’t take such statements lightly.  We have heard a lot of false promises about spiritual topics, and been given a lot of dates on which “the rapture” was going to happen; and it never did.  But I believe that it is now true.  We did it.

There is obviously a lot more work to do…and of course there is still suffering and injustice and a ton of clean up.  But at least now we should be getting more return on our investment, more positive benefit from our efforts.  And hopefully, the work will be easier.  Hopefully, the pain will be released more easily and efficiently, and the healing will be more graceful.

The Light has been given back the reins of power.  Not fully; we’re not fully in control yet.  The Dark is still here, and still sitting at the tops of our organizations and governments.  But the balance of power has begun to shift, and I have not seen that happen before—on the physical level.

This is a testament to all of the hard, painful work and heavy lifting that has been done for decades by a great many souls.  Most of them work in the background, and are never seen or known about.  Most of them put their energetic bodies on the line, taking repetitive hits from the Dark opponents.  Some were lost to this effort.  It’s true…. The Light does not always win; not in individual battles, at least.

But for now, on Earth, we are winning.  And I give respect and thanks to absolutely all of the energies who have made this so.  They came from all over to help.  Every effort, tiny and massive, makes a difference.

So, the Light on this planet is much stronger than it has been.  There is more force behind us.  We are more easily able to stand up to the Dark now.  We have more confidence that situations will be resolved in our favor.

We settle for nothing, now.  We hold out for what we truly deserve.  We let the momentum keep pushing us towards our highest timelines.

Restructuring Our Lives

We are therefore being moved to a higher level now, and many of our lives have already been reorganized.

If we want to indeed go to a higher level, then we need to unplug from the lower level first.  So what did this look like?  Well, some of us moved homes, even moving across the country.  Some of us shed old phone numbers and email addresses, getting new ones that inherently block old contacts from connecting with us.  Some of us similarly switched service providers; away from greedy corporate contracts that took far more of our life force than they needed, and towards friendlier, more reasonable providers.  Relationships of all kinds disappeared.  And we cleaned out our closets, cupboards, and basements, getting rid of the things we no longer resonate with, and becoming lighter and more mobile in the process.  light wins

Amidst the restructuring, one thing we noticed was the presence of the Divine.  The Divine had a hand in making good things happen for us, even in ways that didn’t make logical sense, but which came out in our favor nonetheless.  That’s when we know the change was right.  light wins

Losing Our Loved Ones

I want to acknowledge that our summer was filled with a lot of loss.  Many of our loved ones left, especially our parents.  I’m so deeply sorry if you lost someone.  You have my heartfelt condolences.  I know that many of these departures were sudden.

The Month Ahead

September is another noteworthy month in terms of what the planets are doing.  One planet will turn retrograde (Mars), and two will have their retrogrades end (Jupiter; Saturn).

As well, we have Equinox on the 22nd.  Equinox is the moment of perfect balance; it happens every six months.  September Equinox, specifically, is sometimes considered the “spiritual harvest”—the time when our spiritual efforts come to fruition.

Of course, we are still in the midst of a pandemic, a US election period, global uprisings for a host of reasons, environmental disasters, the exposure of corruption throughout institutions that we were told to trust, an increasingly stronger Black Lives Matter movement that is changing us for the better, greater awareness of the rights of *everyone* that is also changing us for the better, and more.  The surface level of the world is in huge disarray.  Expect this to continue.

Not only that, but please plan accordingly.  I do believe in preparedness.  Not hoarding.  Just preparing.  That’s just good OpSec.

So take care, breathe deeply, let go of whatever you don’t want (and never wanted to start with), align with what your heart desires, do the work you’re inspired to do, and trust. light wins

If I can do anything to help, know that I’m here for you.  Appointments and Consults can be booked here.

~ Jen

*I will soon publish an article on a service called “emotional clearings.”  It’s something that happens in our appointments that allows your whole soul to vent tons of buried/overwhelming emotions.  It can make us feel so much better in a matter of minutes.  But…I’m one of the souls who woke up one morning to a sudden notice that we’re moving to a new home, so that has consumed my time recently.  I will share that article as soon as it’s finished.


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