“Contemplation”: Moonstone Necklace with Agate


Three types of Moonstone, and the slowing energy of Agate, come together in this necklace to assist you in your contemplative efforts.  Contemplation means “deep reflective thought,” and “the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.”

Moonstone is well known for its ability to connect you to your intuition, your psychic abilities, and the depth of the Cosmos.

“Contemplation” has a softness about her.  Her soft peach, white, and grey coloring exemplifies her gentle, supportive energies.  Allow her to take you deep into the meditative state–and keep you there.

The Peach Moonstone pendant sits between the heart and high heart, while Agate anchors the energy at the base of your skull, helping to keep the mind still and quiet.

This necklace features:

White Moonstone: helps you to reach emotional balance and develop your receptive ability
Peach Moonstone: has a “gentle, loving energy” that supports both heart and mind
Grey Moonstone: a stone of perceiving beyond the veil; a powerful stone for the clairvoyant and the shaman, assisting one in moving into the unseen realms; mysterious
Agate (from Madagascar): slows your vibration, allowing you to focus within; also strengthens the energy field

Necklace length (without pendant): 18 inches.
Pendant length: 1 inch.

This item comes in a jewelry box tied with ribbon. Put The Light Here’s signature Moldavite charm comes as a separate piece, allowing you to use it as desired. Crystal Care Instructions are included in your package.

Features a Sterling Silver lobster-claw clasp, with Sterling Silver accents.

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Ships within 3-5 business days.  For questions about shipping, caring for your item, and more, please see our FAQs. Information about Moldavite may be found at our Metaphysical Properties of Crystals page.  meditation jewelry


Metaphysical Properties of This Product

Moonstone: As its name suggests, Moonstone is generally connected to the moon and the lunar qualities of yin/feminine energy, cooling and calming energy, intuitive abilities, patience, receptivity, and mystery. This stone is associated with the Goddess, the High Priestess, the Divine Mother energy, the lunar cycles, and the tides.

The energy of this stone awakens psychic abilities, particularly clairvoyance (inner sight) and prophecy; reveals hidden truths, particularly within oneself; assists travel to past and alternate lives; facilitates connection to and communion with spirit guides, and then encourages one to follow their guidance; enables one to more patiently wait for Divine Right Timing; and gently increases feelings of empathy, particularly when such feelings have had to be suppressed.**

Moonstone has a gentle, calming, loving, but wise and protective vibration. Many people feel comfort from it. In males, it can help to expand the feminine half of their energetic body, which brings them to closer to wholeness; enhance their ability to think non-linearly; and cultivate their natural intuitive abilities.*

Physically, Moonstone “is linked to the pineal gland and [so it] balances the hormonal system,”* which is particularly important during times of stress and emotional intensity. This stone may therefore heal “disorders of the upper digestive tract that are related to emotional stress.”* It also aids the rest of the digestive system; aids the reproductive system; assimilates nutrients; “alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, and fleshy organs”; and treats insomnia.* Moonstone may be used to calm hyperactive, sensitive, or sleep-disturbed children.

Moonstone, Grey: Grey Moonstone “is a stone of perceiving beyond the veil. It is a powerful stone for the clairvoyant and the shaman, assisting one in moving into the unseen realms…[and also in] bringing forth creations from the void.”* This stone has the ability to magnify intentions. According to Robert Simmons, it carries the energy of the new moon.

Moonstone, Peach: Peach Moonstone has a “gentle, loving energy” that supports both heart and mind.* This stone “allows one to perceive the positive, loving existence of the Divine in all situations.”* It has a soothing energy, which soothes worry, anxiety, and the emotional body. Peach Moonstone “is excellent for use by intuitive or sensitive children.”*

Moonstone, White: White Moonstone “represents the energy of the full moon at the height of its power.”* This stone stimulates psychic perception, inner vision, dream work, and the kundalini energy. White Moonstone also helps men to reach emotional balance and develop their receptive ability.*

Mohs hardness: 6-6.5.
Group: Feldspar (potassium aluminum silicate).  meditation jewelry


Agate: Agates are known for their slow vibration, which offers users a slow, steady, gentle, and continuous stream of benefits.  In particular, Agate is good for stabilizing and strengthening the body and energy field.

Mohs hardness: 6.5-7.
Group: Quartz / Chalcedony.


Silver: The energy of the metal Silver is associated with the moon and the qualities of lunar energy; “life force in its hidden aspect”; introversion; the unconscious; cooling and calming energy; a sense of mystery; and the archetypal feminine energy.* “Silver is second to gold in its electrical conductivity.”*

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