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Energy Update: Pushing back with zero tolerance for bullsh*t

This is on my mind today:

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Why?  Because the energies are overwhelming once again, and my tolerance level for bullsh*t is at zero.  (Apologies: I don’t usually swear but can’t find a better word for it.)

We’re all so incredibly stressed; we each have enough of our own stuff to deal with.

We should no longer be required to take on someone else’s baggage or ineptitude.

Instead, what we do now is push it all right back onto them. Let them deal with it; it’s theirs.

This isn’t bad or uncompassionate. It’s strong, it’s right, and it’s where we’re at right now.

We deal with that which is ours to deal with.

If it’s not ours, hand it back. (Kindly but firmly.)

Only when this happens will we stop circulating our collective issues and actually stand to face the problems.


We stop handing our problem to someone else, who then passes it onto another person, who then has to deal with the weight of yet another thing that’s not theirs.

The boss that hasn’t dealt with his issues, who passes them onto his employee, who brings that home to his wife, who takes it out on her child, who then acts out in class, which burdens the teacher, who…



This is where we’re at: STOP.  Stop handing off our problems to others.  If a problem is mine, then it is mine to deal with; not yours.  Mine.  My responsibility.

The same is true for you.

The same is true for everyone who is alive right now.  (Yes, there are exceptions for those who are young or impaired or who otherwise need help.)

Only when the problems are dealt with can we move forward as a planet, to a higher level, to a healthier level.


So this is where I’m at: Pushing back.  Happy to help others with their issues, of course, but not accepting it to be leaked onto me.

And I know a lot of us are feeling exactly this way right now–and that is wonderful.  (This is especially helpful for empaths: Instead of allowing someone’s energy to bulldoze us over, we’re presenting our own energy as a firm wall that pushes all that stuff right back.  This is also a good way to respond to narcissists.)

Stand up for yourself.  Defend yourself.  Be strong.

We’re cleaning up the planet.  And there’s no need to tolerate bullsh*t any longer.

~ Jen


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