Lightworker: Level 1 (November 20-21, 2021 on Zoom)


Registration for this session of the Lightworker course is now closed.  If you’d like to join a future session, contact Jen.


The Lightworker series of courses was specially designed to support you during this challenging–and incredible–time on Earth!

Level 1 will teach you:

– what exactly is happening to the world and why?
– why is everything chaotic, and why are people so emotional?
– how can I get through this, stay sane, stay healthy–even if I’m an empath?
– what does it mean to be “a Lightworker” and how do I know if I am one?
– I want to help. What’s the most important thing I can do?
– what is “light” and what is “dark”–and why should I care about this?
– how can I better understand the spirit world and use it to my advantage?
– does etiquette matter, or can I just do whatever I want to help out?
– and more.

(Interested in joining Levels 2 and 3? Level 1 is the prerequisite.)

Two energy healings are included as part of the course, to clear off of you and out of your way anything that is holding you back from being fully light, and to activate more of your spiritual potential. We will also do a Kundalini Yoga practice to help unlock the energies in your body.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind course, designed by Jen Wozny who has thousands of hours experience working with the energies of Gaia, Spirit, and the Cosmos to help this shift. She communicates in a clear manner, explaining concepts in a way that all can understand.

“Jen is an excellent communicator…a phenomenal facilitator…and clearly has a background in teaching.”

See below for full details.

This course is governed by the terms and conditions outlined in the Consent Form and Policies for Events, in the Privacy Policy, and in the Terms of Service. Please review these before registering. By registering, you are directly consenting to all that is outlined in the above-mentioned legal documents.


Schedule lightworker course

Saturday, November 20: 9:30am EST to 5:30pm EST

Sunday, November 21: 9:30am EST to 5:30pm EST

Each day, we will take a 45-minute lunch break with short breaks throughout the day.


Online on Zoom

This course is being held on Zoom. You will need to download Zoom onto your computer. The download is free and is available here.


Class Participation

This course is designed to teach you in the best manner so you get the most out of it. There are 9 learning modules, and 5 worksheets. We will do these worksheets in class throughout the day, and discuss your responses to the questions. Class participation is therefore strongly encouraged.

The worksheets will be made available to you for download and printing, one week before the course begins.


What You Will Need

Please make sure you have Zoom downloaded onto your computer (and have tested your microphone and camera), that your computer is fully charged, that you have printed the course worksheets and have extra writing materials to take notes, and are as comfortable as possible.


Energy Healing

This is a course about light and how we truly need it right now. Jen herself is a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, psychic healer, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She therefore builds extra light into the course. To this end, she will facilitate two remote energy healings on the group–one per day–and lead a Kundalini Yoga practice to help unlock the energies in your body.

If you do not feel comfortable receiving energy healing, you can decline one or both of these healings and instead sit in meditation during this portion of the course. Energy healing is indeed not to be taken lightly, and Jen respects the sovereignty of your energy body.


Trauma Sensitivity

Jen is a trauma informed and trauma sensitive healer and teacher. She leads all classes in this sensitive manner. That said, if you have specific sensitivities that you’d like her to be aware of, please feel welcome to share these with her before the course begins so that she can accommodate you. Send her an email at LightSupport@PutTheLightHere.com.


Registration Exemptions and Right of Refusal

Each registration is valid for one person only. Additional people sharing your computer during the course will need to complete their own registration process.

In Jen’s courses, she holds space for respect, privacy, safety, and sensitivity.  In the unlikely event that registration is made by someone who is not a good fit for this course, such as by violating the Terms of Service and Policies for Events, then their registration will be cancelled and their money refunded subject to PayPal’s Terms of Service and refund policies.

Please read the legalities before submitting your registration.


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