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2020: The Year of Arising

Well, it’s 2020.  My prevailing sentiment seems to be, “we made it.”  The planet is still here–despite that 2019 was a year that much of the environment died. 2020 outlook

The Final Month of 2019

And we made it through December–an immensely difficult month.  If we stripped away the fact that December hosted the holiday season, then what we’re left with is raw challenges.

December featured a lot of loss; many loved ones made their transition this month.  We were also grieving a lot of “mother” energy; whether it was related to our birth mothers, mother figures in our lives, Mother Earth, or Divine Mother.  And December threw (unnecessary) difficulties in our way; it seemed like we were getting attacked right where we can be hurt most easily.

Christmas, too, was hardly merry and bright; it was actually heavy and miserable for many of us, especially empaths.  The solar eclipse on Christmas Day worsened the situation; minutes into the eclipse, I found myself dizzy, nauseous, and needing to go straight to bed.  In bed, I slept inside a Faraday Cage.  Merry Christmas.  🙂

Things feel a bit lighter now.  And all of the dips lower are needed in order to go higher.  But we are coming off of another roller-coaster year: 2019 was more intense than its predecessor.  I may write a recap of lowlights and highlights, from my perspective of working with the Cosmic plan.  Until that happens, my bottom line is that 2019 was The Year The Planet Died.

It was also, however, a year in which many, many people woke up.  We woke up in greater numbers, realized how big and beautiful and powerful we really are, and started shifting our lives into alignment with what fulfills our souls.  I met many people who left toxic relationships in 2019.  I met many people who became spontaneously psychic.  And I met many who continued to shine their already-bright light.

Regardless of when you and I met, it is my pleasure to know you.

What’s Ahead in 2020

As we embark on 2020, there are two things I can share.

First is that I have no idea what’s ahead of us.  Comforting, I know.  I take life one hour at a time these days, as so much is happening in rapid-fire succession.  We can’t keep up; we can only allow it to pass through us.

Second is that I do have some idea of what’s ahead of us–the undertones, at least.  This is what underlies 2020: The Year of Arising.

What does it mean, “arising”?  Arising means “to wake up, and then to get up.”  I feel that “arising” means that more souls will be coming out of dormancy, unfurling themselves in their human bodies, and stepping forward into their human lives.  I feel that souls will be stepping more fully into their power this year.  And that is good.  That is what we need.

When our pure soul steps forth onto Planet Earth, we can see past the illusions and lies, we throw off our tolerance for drama and downward-pulling forces, and we change the world in positive ways.

So, arise.  And if you have already risen, then stand stronger; make your presence known.

One way to embrace this process is through my online course, which begins tomorrow.  You will spend six months connecting with your soul, discovering more deeply who you are and what skills you offer, and using your psychic abilities to do high-level healing–on yourself and our world.  If it calls you, then join here2020 outlook


Read the full newsletter for January 2020 here.

As we embark on this new decade, I wish you that which warms your heart, now and always.



If you’d like to say thanks with an energy exchange, I appreciate your kindness.

2020 outlook

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