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Energy Update: The (new) future is open for business

There’s been an extremely positive development in the energy governing our lives here on Earth. To explain it, it’s best to go back several years and give you context—to understand how we got here, and how things have developed.

I want to start by saying that the shift of our world—out of one governed by Dark energy and Patriarchal values, and into one governed by Source, Spirit, and values of oneness and unity—is a shift that is systematic.

Systematic means methodical, and “according to an agreed set of methods or organized plan.” There is indeed a plan. It is carried out one step at a time. It is carried out by architects, builders, space holders, trailblazers, path pavers, and embodiers; all of whom are employed by the Light and/or by Source Itself.

This plan involves two things: first, the dismantling and dissolution of the old world; and second, the construction and habitation of the new world. Those two things happen simultaneously.

The tasks are being carried out by two different types of beings: beings who are down here in human form (of which I am one); and beings who are not here on Earth but who are helping us from their place in the spirit world or other physical parts of the Cosmos.

It’s a huge plan, a huge task. The to-do list is massive (massive) and multifaceted. It will take years more of Earth time to really anchor fully. And remember that, as I say often, “The physical level is the final level of manifestation.” We make changes first in the energy world; only later do those changes filter into our physical world and lives.

Now, this shift is governed ultimately by Source. It is written. It will be done—period, end of story. But what isn’t written, and what is getting written in every moment, are the details of precisely how it will be carried out, and how quickly we will get to the end of the process. That is the result of our collective decisions which we make every day; eight billion decision makers, deciding in which direction to go. (Plus a veritable buffet of interference of all kinds.)

I can tell you that the shift didn’t need to take as long as it is currently taking. And it didn’t need to get as messy as it has gotten. We didn’t need to have the level of destruction that is currently playing out here on Earth. I can tell you that for a fact because I have helped create situations for people to level up their lives, get themselves free of a level of Dark control, and I have watched them decline the opportunities they asked for and instead sink back into the comfort of familiarity with Dark living. When people refuse to do the work they need to do, they set us all back. This only gains interest on our collective debt. But that’s another subject entirely.

So, right now in 2023 it’s messy. But let’s look at the progress we’ve made over the years.

Historically, say for the last several hundred years, the Dark has worked very hard to anchor its control into the planet and into human DNA. Just look back at this time period to see how gruesome, violent, and illogical human life has been, and you will see the trend line: the Dark is sinking its influence ever-deeper.

So for the last while, the important part of the shift has been the battle between Dark and Light for control. The Light has fought so hard to overtake the Dark and drive it out of its governing roles. (And we have lost so many of our people to this war. And so many right now are struggling to keep holding on. Your sacrifice is known and appreciated.) The first major victory comes when the Dark starts losing some ground. And it has lost ground many times already.

One key shift came in early July 2020: At this time, Spirit wanted me to tell everyone to start pushing back on bullsh*t. Now, we’ve of course pushed back for hundreds of years; protests and declarations of “no!,” just as two examples, are all pushbacks. But as of July 2020, something was different: Now, when we pushed back, we would actually gain ground. Something had changed in the balance of power, such that our efforts would make meaningful progress—more than ever before. That was one of my favourite messages to ever receive and share.

But my absolute favourite came just a little later: On August 30, 2020, Spirit informed me that the scales had finally tipped. The balance of power had finally shifted. Remember that this shift needed to start first in the energy levels, and to start first at the top of the hierarchy before filtering downward through all successive levels. But as of late August, “The Light has been given back the reins of power. Not fully; we’re not fully in control yet. The Dark is still here, and still sitting at the tops of our organizations and governments. But the balance of power has begun to shift, and I have not seen that happen before—on the physical level.”

Then, on April 30, 2021, Spirit was acting as our birth doula and commanded us to push. Spirit demanded that all of the Lightworkers use their power—now. It’s one thing to simply have power; it’s another thing to exercise it and make full use of it. And too many of us were not using our power at all. But the war, the battle, the shift, required us to step up and take action. Not in the human way either, but with our truest spiritual and psychic skills.

As I wrote then, “The scales may have tipped, but the job is far from over. Rather, at the physical level, it is just beginning. We need to now see physical-world changes everywhere. And that will only happen when you step up. Step up and say ‘no.’ But go further: Say how it is now going to be. Declare how the new world is going to work. Start acting in accordance with that new energy and exercise your power to ensure that it gets created. We the Lights have taken the lead. So go lead. Your shift has already started.”

On July 27, 2021, I announced that a new cast of spirit beings had begun to help the Earth—and let me say that they were huge. At this time, myself and two other Lightworkers had regularly been altering the planet’s blueprint and background energies during what I call “Global Energy Clearing calls” (of which we did about 100 together over a three-year period, as part of our service and purpose). We did two things during these calls. First, we fought battles with Dark beings to remove them and their influence from the planet; seeking out their very roots wherever they lay in the greater Cosmos and dealing with them there. But second, we installed new, lighted, highest-timeline architecture into the Earth.  As I wrote,

“[W]e are altering the energetic architecture of the planet.  And we have made some huge progress against the dark, the evil, and the dark that is just simply wounded beings who have gone untreated for a very long time.  We have also helped to hand the power over to those who rightly deserve it.  I have, for example, seen Indigenous souls come back to the planet, taking up the reins of governance that is theirs to have.  These things warm my heart so much.

“Most recently, I have also seen entirely new beings come to this part of the universe to provide overwatch.  These were huge, bigger-than-planet-sized beings who calmly but competently took their place near Earth, essentially telling me, ‘We’ve got this.’

“Also, new workers came in; dozens of large, competent, totally-ready-for-duty beings arrived and surrounded the Earth in the spiritual realms.  It is their turn now to do some heavy lifting.  This brings much-needed relief to the many workers and warriors who have done battle for years, even decades.”

For the next two years, we of course had shifts and developments, but nothing as major as the ones described above. Then May and June 2023 came along. Something big was happening to us, to our souls. Many of us were ripped—almost violently—from things we’d been holding onto for too long, our power lost to those situations was thrust back at us, and we emerged from a three-week window of transformation stronger, more whole, and more sovereign than we’ve ever been. All of this brought with it deeper levels of peace, contentment, and happiness.

The energy that caused those changes didn’t leave, though; it merely faded away for a short time while we stabilized. And then it returned. And this is the part that I’m excited to share:

For the first time, we can feel into the future. The new future. Not the future that will play out for the old world. But the future that we will create for the new one.

For years, I’ve been unable to feel anything beyond Now and maybe a few weeks ahead. As one of the trailblazers, it’s my job to leave behind absolutely everything—and I mean everything. Mayan calendar? Old news. Bhagavad Gita? Gave it back to my Yogic lineage in 2016, declaring it no longer of use to us here on Earth. Chakras? We don’t have them anymore. All teachings that are currently written down somewhere and even used widely across the planet? No longer applicable.

I have lived for about eight years in the space of knowing that none of that applies, and have instead spent that time a) freaking out—because honestly, what can you hold onto if there’s nothing to hold onto; b) realizing that I (as with others) had to birth a new foundation to stand upon and then lead people onto; and c) living in this new reality of having no foundation, being totally formless, creating in multiple realities at once, and essentially just floating in space—and becoming comfortable with how to do that.

But July and August 2023 have changed that a little bit. The energies governing us have finally allowed us to expand ourselves, and to expand our dreams. With respect to the new world, the energy before us has opened up, and we are finally able to decide what we want to do and begin working to manifest it. For the first time, we can feel into that future. That is an amazing, and amazingly positive development.

So if you’re feeling this shift with me, then get out a fresh vision board and start to feel into what you truly want for yourself. Trust me when I say that it’s going to be far more expanded, and far more unimaginable, than you’ve ever been able to consider. And remember two things. One, while we can work towards general goals, the specific details usually get filled in in ways we couldn’t foresee. And two, what you can imagine and what you decide that you want for yourself will almost certainly change as we keep getting access to newer and newer levels of expansion. So remember to keep updating your desires.

I encourage you to keep doing all the work that your soul inspires you to do, whether that is dreaming or healing or taking action or resting or all of the above. Your soul will guide you on the path that is yours to walk.

And remember that the energetic road is opening up to us more all the time. Ride these waves of energy that are in store for the rest of August 2023, for September, for eclipse season in October, and beyond.

If you’re a worker and you can pitch in, then we absolutely could use your help.

But if you could use some help, then I’m here for you.

Wishing you and all of us a bright future,


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