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August 2023 Energy Report: Are you ready for what’s coming?

This month is going to be a huge one, energetically, and life-changing for all of us.  So be prepared for some disruption in your plans.  (Actually, best is to have no plans, or to be easily ready to change them if needed.)  And remember that whatever happens is happening for your highest good.  So lean into the energies this month; let them do what they’re trying to do.

We have two main things going on: Lion’s Gate and seven retrogrades.  And there’s a cherry on top, which I’ll get into at the end.

Let’s start here: The Lion’s Gate is a celestial alignment that happens every year around August 8th.  Because it happens in the sign of Leo the Lion, it is known as the “Lion’s Gate.”

What it is, is an alignment between Earth and the star Sirius.  Just as happens when our cell phones are aligned with a cell tower, having a line-of-sight connection enables energy to flow from one body to the other; in this case, from Sirius to us here on Earth.

This is important because Sirius is known as our “spiritual sun.”  The brightest star in the night sky, it shines about 25 times more luminous than our own Sun, and is believed to emanate a positive, spiritual, and beneficial energy.  It is believed to be a Mother energy, full of life-giving, fertile, and creative energy that is, according to ancient cultures, “the source of all life, of all energy” (

And so this energy will be flowing to us—onto our planet, into our energy fields, and into our bodies, in order to lift us higher.

The Lion’s Gate isn’t a day long, though; rather, it happens over a couple of weeks. It gradually leads up to August 8, and then gradually pulls away from that date. So you may have already started to feel it.  Feel into what this energy is wanting to do for you, and do your best to work with it not against it.  You may find it life-changing.

The second important energy this month is the fact that seven celestial bodies will be retrograding all at the same time: six planets plus Chiron.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Venus (retrograde continues from last month)
  • Saturn (retrograde continues from last month)
  • Neptune (retrograde continues from last month)
  • Pluto (retrograde continues from last month)
  • Chiron (retrograde continues from last month)
  • Mercury (retrograde begins August 23rd)
  • Uranus (retrograde begins August 29th)

Remember what retrogrades do: They pull their energy away from us, exposing what was underneath.  It’s like a wave receding from the shore: now we can see the sand, shells, and detritus that had previously been covered by the water.  Once we get access to what was covered up, we have the opportunity to deal with it; whether that means we’re cleaning up some things in our life or we’re selecting one of our gifts to bring forward.

Retrogrades are also a course correction, which is why they’re so useful to us.  Anywhere that we are out of alignment with our life, our purpose, or our path, may be brought back into alignment during a retrograde.

But since this month we technically have *seven* of these happening at once, we might find ourselves overwhelmed—and even confused—about all the directions we’re being pulled in.  It may be a “Go, go, go, go, go!” kind of month.  So be gentle with yourself.  And if you feel yourself overwhelmed, bring to mind all that’s happening and allow that knowledge to bring you to a more accepting state.

I want to encourage you to do this work.  As we go forward in the planet’s awakening and ascension process, our baggage will become even heavier than ever before, and our lack of alignment with our higher purpose will make our lives even more uncomfortable.

The summer slow-down period is the ideal time to go within and do that work.  Once life and our workloads speed up again in September, we’ll have less time to devote to ourselves.  So we can either be right back where we started—deep in the stress—or be lighter and more peaceful, having shed some of our triggers.

The cherry on top of all this energy is…two super full moons.  August is host to not one but two full moons–on the 1st and the 31st, bookending everything discussed above–and both of these are supermoons.  That is, the moon will be closest to the Earth on these days, making its usual energy even more potent.

If you need any help this month, I’m here for you.  You can make an appointment for healing and guidance here.

~ Jen

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