One-on-One Appointments: 60 Minutes


Once you complete your Checkout, you will receive a link to our online scheduling system. There, you will be able to choose the date and time that best suits you.  This link will be available in two places: immediately after Checkout, under Order Details; and in the email that you will receive confirming your order.

Please ensure that we have your phone number; Jen will call you at the time of the appointment.

For more information on the wide variety of services offered during these appointments, please visit the Services page.


This appointment must be used within one year of the purchase date, and is subject to our refund and cancellation policy, outlined in the FAQs. psychic attack


Do you need help with your career, relationships, health, or life purpose?  Do you feel called to become even greater than you are now?  Is life stressful, chaotic, or busy?  Would you benefit from some healing or guidance?  We can help.

Our specialty is helping people with personal development, spiritual development, and holistic wellness.  We achieve this by blending tools that support your body, mind, and soul; all at the same time.

Here is a sampling of Jen’s credentials: She is a Shamanic practitioner offering Shamanic healing as well as energy clearing (including for psychic attacks); Reiki Master using Reiki healing energy; Lightworker offering coaching, mentoring, and courses for Lightworkers; Life Coach offering life coaching as well as coaching for the soul; and a Spiritually Awakened Soul offering guidance and assistance for your own awakening process.  We take a holistic approach to healing, health, wellness, and life.

For more information, view our One-on-One Appointments page.  We offer all of our appointments conveniently over the phone, assisting clients wherever they are in the world.

psychic attack


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