March News: Silence as a way to heal; in-person appointments


Happy March!  How are you doing?

Winter is a time when we turn inward, just as the energies of the Earth turn inward to hibernate and regroup. We still have a few weeks left of this inward-focused energy, so I hope you will make use of it.  let your soul speak

Perhaps the best way to do that is to be in silence.

This world has so many distractions for us. “Oh my gosh, look at that…” “Hey, did you hear the news about…?” “You have to try this…”

But mastering life comes when we disconnect from all of that, and live in accordance with our inner reality. Our inner reality is our authentic self, our higher guidance, our deep pool of wisdom that we have gathered over many lifetimes.

In order to connect with our inner world, we need to detach from the outer one. That means we need to stop our life for awhile, close ourselves off from the noise, sit in stillness, and ask our soul to speak. Gently, quietly, it will.

A wonderful way to hear yourself speak is to spend a day in silence. Here’s how to do that:

Choose a day when you can disconnect from the world completely. Plan for it by letting people know that you will be unavailable for a full 24-hour period, so they know not to expect a reply to their texts, calls, or emails. Your phone will be powered off for the whole 24-hour period; your computer, television, radio, and music player will be off as well. Gather any supplies you might need for your silent day—food that you have already prepared, a notebook to write in. Clean your home and do your laundry beforehand if that would be a distraction to you.

If you have children, then you may want to arrange for a sitter; you need this time—this one day—for yourself. If you have pets, then you will feed them but not acknowledge them at all during your time of silence.  You will not even go out to shovel snow if it falls. You are staying inside your home, inside one room even, totally focused on your inner world.

When your day of silence arrives, resist all urges to have your energy flow outside of you. Resist the urge to look out your window, to look around your home, to think of things that you will need to do in the future or that you “should be” doing now; remember that you already took care of everything, so nothing actually needs to be done today.

Notice how your energy body is so well programmed to indeed do this—to flow outwards and away from yourself. Gradually redirect that flow: Close your eyes, become silent, and bring your energy into yourself. Now, notice what’s there. Notice what arises. If it feels uncomfortable, then just notice that; this process *is* uncomfortable, so you’re doing great. If it feels unnatural, then notice that, too; turning inward is ideally supposed to be natural and easy. When it’s not, then that shows us that we have some work to do.

Notice that you have so much more energy when you turn your flow inwards; when you use your energy to replenish yourself, rather than when you use it to respond to the external world.

Continue to sit quietly with just yourself. Then, invite the rest of you—your eternal, wise, and powerful soul—to open and expand its connection with you. Invite your soul to share with you whatever it is that you need to know right now.

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Equinox: Equinox happens this month.  It occurs on Sunday, March 20 at 11:33am EST.  This would be the perfect day to do a silent retreat, as discussed above.


In-person Appointments: If you’d like some healing before Equinox, I’ll be doing in-person appointments on March 19, and of course phone appointments on the 18th.  To book an in-person appointment, contact the shop where I’ll be doing them (Pine & Patchouli in Perth, Ontario).


CYPHA Practice Group: If you’re an alumni of my healing course, then practice your skills in the Healing Practice Group on Saturday March 12 at 11am on Zoom.  Register here.


Group Healing: Relax, de-stress, and feel peaceful inside.  Join me for the Monthly Healing Call on Wednesday, March 2. It’s 7-8pm EST online.  We’ll meditate, I’ll do some healing on you, and if you have a question, you can ask it.  Join here.


If I can assist you this month with healing, coaching, or guidance this month, then appointments can be made here.

I wish you a month filled with Divine Light,

~ Jen Wozny
   BA, MSc, Founder




New courses begin spring/summer 2022.



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Wednesday, March 2: Monthly Healing Call. Features guided meditation, connection to and messages from your Higher Self, distant energy healing, and guidance during a Q&A period.  7-8pm EST.  Online.

Saturday, March 12: Healing Practice Group for CYPHA Alumni.  11am on Zoom.  (Open to all alumni of the course, Cultivate Your Psychic & Healing Abilities.)  Register here.

Saturday, March 19: In-person appointments at Pine & Patchouli in Perth, Ontario (39 Foster Street).  11am to 4pm.  To book, contact the shop’s owner Kay by email or through Facebook.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Soul-level energy healing and life coaching appointments, by phone/Skype.  Choose from 2 hours, 90 minutes, 1 hour, or 30 minutes.  Or, book a free consultation.



Celestial Influences: March 2022

2: New Moon
18: Full Moon
20: Equinox (11:33am EST)



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