Keychain Mala: Amethyst Star with Lepidolite


Take your prayers and crystals with you, with our 11-bead Keychain Mala!

This psychic skill-inducing and stress-busting item features an Amethyst star, and beads of:
– Amethyst (ungraded);
– Lilac Lepidolite (ungraded;
– Freshwater Pearl; and
– Clear Quartz (Grade A).

Finished with a tiny Swarovski bead.

Features a stainless steel lobster claw clasp to easily hook onto your key chain, zipper pull, purse, backpack, or other item.

Length: 3.75 inches

This item comes in a jewelry box tied with ribbon.  Put The Light Here’s signature Moldavite charm is attached to this item.  Crystal Care Instructions are included in your package.

Full product details are below.

*You are purchasing an item similar to the one in the picture.  Two are shown for variation. As with all natural products: colors, shapes, and sizes may vary.

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Imprinting: Crystal Skull Energy

Imprint your Clear Quartz with the energy of our Super Baby Einstein Crystal Skull!

For more information about our skull and the consciousness- and Magdalene-related energies it offers, please see our page, “Guardian of a Crystal Skull.”

(Please allow an additional 1-3 business days for your product to ship. This option will imprint all pieces of Clear Quartz in a given product.)

Imprinting: Higher Self Energy

Imprint your crystal product with the energy of your Higher Self!

With this option, Jen will connect your Higher Self to your crystals. She will then invite your Higher Self to imprint the stones with the energy that is right for you.

(Please allow an additional 1-3 business days for your product to ship. This option will imprint all of the crystals in a given product.)


Ships within 3-5 business days.  For questions about shipping, caring for your item, and more, please see the FAQs page.  Information about Moldavite may be found at the Metaphysical Properties of Crystals page.  trauma healing


Metaphysical Properties of This Product

Amethyst: Amethyst is well known for being able to afford energetic protection, particularly when our defenses are weakened (such as by alcohol or drugs), and particularly against entities or other forms of attachments. The energy of this purple stone is used to fill one’s aura, thereby creating a bubble of protection. This energy also cleanses the body and energy field.

Amethyst is also known for its ability to stimulate and open our intuition and psychic skills. It promotes spirituality, higher states of consciousness, and connection with the divine. It has calming properties, which help to ease stress, focus the mind, and enhance meditation.

Physically, Amethyst is said to help the immune system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the respiratory system, the blood, and pain.* It is particularly useful for issues of the head (e.g., headaches, clear thinking, memory, neural connections). Amethyst is also used to release addictions.

Mohs hardness: 7.

Group: Quartz.


Lepidolite: Lepidolite is “one of the most powerful stones for countering stress, worry, fear, grief,” anxiety, nervousness, nightmares, sleeplessness, loss, depression, and trauma.* It is therefore an excellent stone to help Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also beneficial for children, particularly empathically sensitive children, and animals.

The energy of Lepidolite promotes the inner states of serenity, calm, peace, and grace. These traits help the user when responding to external situations that are challenging, emotional, and even hostile.

As well, if one “is depressed, [Lepidolite] allows for the willing descent into the grief beneath the depression.”* This stone helps one to “disengage one’s sense of identity from” past experiences, preventing one from using traumas “as a badge of courage or a secret source of pride,” and rather encouraging the user “to identify solely with the presence of the Creator and the present moment.”*

Physically, Lepidolite helps to create emotional balance and mental balance. It also helps to diminish the role of an overactive sympathetic nervous system (the fight-or-flight system), enabling one to be more present in the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and relaxation response). Much healing can result from the latter state, including healing of disharmony that has been caused by extreme stress.

Lepidolite, Lilac: Lilac Lepidolite is a pale purple form of lepidolite that is currently found only in Zimbabwe, Africa. It carries the above-mentioned properties of Lepidolite, but adds the following benefits:
– connection to the Higher Self;

– awareness of the Divine;

– co-creation with the Divine;

– an inner state of “peace, serenity and love,” particularly in response to stress, nervousness, tension, grief, loss, depression, trauma, major life changes, and nervous breakdowns;

– healing of the heart;

– inflammation, arthritis, and joint pain; and

– sleep problems and nightmares, including in children.*

Mohs hardness: 2.5-3.

Group: Potassium lithium aluminum silicate.


Pearl: Pearls are ruled by the energies of the moon and water, and are therefore associated with: feminine energy; innocence; purity; integrity; sincerity; truth; faith; and wisdom. Their energy may help to cultivate one’s intuitive abilities, provide a sense of calm and centeredness, and instill self-acceptance.

Physically, Pearls are said to dissipate stress, tension, and headaches; and to help disorders of the digestive tract.

Pearls, Freshwater (cultured): Cultured, Freshwater Pearls are said to offer the same properties are natural Pearls.

Mohs hardness: 2.5-3.5.

Group: Calcium carbonate.  trauma healing


Quartz (Clear): Clear Quartz is best known for two characteristics: it is an amplifier; and it can be programmed. The former means that this stone will amplify the energies and characteristics of whatever is near it–be it another stone or a feeling. This characteristic is often used by healers to magnify the energies that they channel into a patient.

The latter means that intentions and energies can be set into the stone, and it will hold these programs very well. (Because Clear Quartz is programmed so easily, when you obtain one of these stones, it is important to clear all prior programming that may be in it–either accidentally or deliberately–unless you are aware of the programming and give permission for it. Put The Light Here clears all of our stones prior to using them in our products.) Of all stones, Clear Quartz is essentially the pure and empty vessel, the blank slate, awaiting instructions.

Additionally, this stone can clear blocks in the body, intensify psychic and spiritual experiences, and unlock memories.

Mohs hardness: 7.

Group: Quartz (silicon dioxide).

trauma healing

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