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Empath FYI: A CME has arrived

Empaths: We just had a strong change in energy. Did you feel it?  empath cme

This is what happened (in very basic and somewhat unscientific terms):

The sun burped, and this burp sent a stream of charged energy to Earth. This energy travelled fast and was strong (and is known as a “geomagnetic storm”).

This strong wind did two things:

1. It blew away the particles that usually reside in the outside of Earth’s energy field. This accounts for the immediate drop in Electron count (image 2).

2. It hit Earth’s energy field with force, knocking the Earth’s aura, and creating a noteworthy fluctuation in that aura (shown in the image of the Magnetometer).

The force of this solar wind enabled it to push its way into our planet’s energy field. So now, we are being bathed in energy that came straight from the sun.

This particular “solar burp” (which is called a Coronal Mass Ejection or CME) actually has confounded scientists. Usually, a CME is produced when a part of the sun (called a sunspot) is unstable and it unleashes part of itself (called a solar flare). But this time, scientists have found no sunspot, recorded no flare, yet discovered days ago that a CME was on its way to Earth.



empath cme

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