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Energy Update: Solar activity is high this week

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In the next few days, you and your technology may experience some glitches.

The sun is very active right now, with multiple sunspots (places where the sun’s magnetic field is unstable and can therefore blast radiation at Earth).

And we keep having solar flares (two dozen in the last day) with CMEs (coronal mass ejections: a burst of radiation).

This solar energy tends to expose the weaknesses in our body’s wiring: It hits up against our weaknesses, wounds, and injuries and exacerbates these conditions.

You may have joint and muscle pains, headaches, fatigue as if you’re moving through mud, deep sleep, insomnia, hyperactivity, grouchy moods, and more.

Just notice how you feel. You are made of energy, and this solar energy affects you.

It will also affect every life form on Earth, so watch your kids, your pets, your family and friends, and everyone you meet on the road or at work.

Track the space weather charts using the links in this article: Are you feelin’ it?  Here’s how to track it.

More information about how we feel space weather is here: Space weather as a diagnostic tool for our health.

Can solar activity make your muscles sore? In this article, I explain why the answer is yes: Can solar activity make my muscles sore?

For comparison, here are examples of when the space weather was extreme: Space Weather: Here are some examples of bad days on Earth.

Any questions, let me know.

~ Jen



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