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Space Weather as a diagnostic tool for our health

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Intense energies that are circulating through, or coming onto, the planet can show us the weak points in our bodies. These energies are therefore a great diagnostic tool.

A “weak point” can be anything: loose wiring, so to speak; blockages in the flow of our energy and blood; physical injuries; areas where emotions have accumulated; muscle tension; etc.

If a weak point suddenly flares up, for no apparent reason, then check the spaceweather charts; see if you can find the cause.


An Example

This morning, for example, I woke up with hip pain. I did nothing yesterday to cause any pain. But my hip flares up whenever something significant has happened energetically. So I knew that something “energetic” was indeed happening now.

And it was: Overnight, we’d had geomagnetic storms for 12 straight hours. diagnostic tool


Introspect and Diagnose

So, have you noticed any change in how your body feels from yesterday to today? Could that change be related to the magnetic storms?

If so, then can you diagnose past discomforts that were related to energy?

Can you then use that knowledge to diagnose yourself in the future?

And, use that knowledge to indeed identify the weak points; these points are what may need our attention.

Information empowers us. It also helps us plan, when we know that a storm is coming and how it might make us feel.


The Storms of September 27-28, 2020

These images show the magnetic storms overnight (September 27-28, 2020), with consequent disruptions in some of the other charts. Note, however, that the Schumann chart (all blue with lime green) reflects a “normal” day–no disturbance.


space weather, diagnostic tool, holistic health, empathic, mental health diagnose

Geomagnetic activity for September 26-28, 2020. Note the red lines; those indicate three hours worth of geomagnetic storms.


space weather, how to diagnose, alternative healing, energy healing

The riometers pick up a different type of energy from other charts. A normal day generally has the blue and red lines going straight across. The slightly erratic nature of the lines for September 27-28 indicate a disturbance in the field.




space weather, diagnostic tool, mental health diagnose, energy healing

Spaceweather.com gives forecasts for upcoming storms and solar flares. They also record ongoing or recent activity, as you can see here. As well, note that Solar Wind Speed (top left) is elevated: Here it is traveling towards Earth at 570.6 kilometers per *second*; a normal day is about 350 kilometers per second. Elevated wind speed can make us feel dizzy, among other symptoms.


space weather, how to diagnose, holistic method, energy medicine

The US government dumbed down their charts in ~2019. The charts used to be much more useful, as you can see here: https://putthelighthere.com/2017/07/are-you-feelin-it-heres-how-to-track-it/. Nonetheless, the chart here clearly shows a disturbance in the number of electrons that encompass the Earth.


space weather, how to diagnose, diagnostic tool, alternative medicine, energy medicine

This is the Schumann Resonance chart that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a Russian operated site. The chart here shows completely normal days. If there had been a disturbance in the type of energy that is measured here, then we would have seen more green and also some white.

Further reading:

“Are you feelin’ it?  Here’s how to track it” contains links to the space weather charts, as well as examples of what to look for when we observe the charts.

“Space Weather: Here are some examples of bad days on Earth” gives a historical look at some very intense space weather.


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