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Before the summer ends, let’s…

Well, the total eclipse of the sun just happened, and with that came some significant shifts in the energy of our planet Earth and all who live on her. Exactly what happened and how each of us will feel it is something that will unfold over time. But important is simply to recognize that something did occur.

And other shifts, changes, or transitions are upcoming for much of the world: late August and early September signify the end of summer holidays and back to work and school. Often at this time, we may be rushing to be ready for what’s coming…but failing to pause and give proper consideration to that which we are letting go of.

If this has tended to be your habit, then I encourage you this time to deliberately pause.

Be present in this moment–while the summer period is still here. Feel it, enjoy it, let it sink in. Reminisce on what has happened in this last several months–the good, the not so good, the progress, the change, the consistency. Reflect on it. And then, when you are ready…when you are really ready…let it go. And now that there is nothing holding you in the past, welcome forth the new and the next.

To assist you with this and all of your transition periods, I did a special call: “Mindful Transitions: Getting closure before moving on.” It includes an energy healing meditation to help you reach completion in whatever part of your life needs it.  This call on sale right now; see below for the discount code.

If more dedicated support would assist you, then I am available in 30-, 60-, and 90-minute increments. My schedule is now online for you to book your preferred time and day more easily. Book your appointment here.

As the collective energy of the world shifts over the next several weeks, I wish you completion, closure, and a mindful and conscious transition.

~ Jen


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