Incoming Energies: An X-class solar flare, a Cannibal CME, and a G3 geomagnetic storm

I was walking through the grocery store today, carrying a watermelon under each arm, and suddenly felt all of my energy drain from me. I had no strength left. I could hardly pick the melons off of the checkout counter to go home.

We had an X-class solar flare. X is the highest class. It goes C, then M, then X.

Each category is orders of magnitude larger than the previous one; just like with the Richter scale for earthquakes.

X-class flares are pretty rare these days. Today’s was an X1.3. So that’s a low X. But an X nonetheless.

It has already affected the atmosphere of our planet. And there are problems with technology (radio and GPS especially) all across North America and South America.

This comes when the Schumann chart (image 4) is showing some white again; meaning that we got more energy of this specific type.

And it comes after almost three dozen solar flares over the last two days.

And looking ahead, we have a Cannibal CME headed for us tonight (Wednesday night).

What’s a Cannibal CME? It happens when the sun releases one CME, and then it releases another CME, and that second is faster than the first. So CME 2 catches up with CME 1 and consumes it. And then together they hit the Earth.

There is already a forecast for a G3 geomagnetic storm tonight and tomorrow. G3 is “strong.” (The rating scale is G1 to G5.)

So just plan for this. You may be dizzy with energy tomorrow. Or flat on the couch unable to lift your limbs. Or somewhere in between.

Here’s my post from yesterday.  It contains links to track the space weather charts and to read more of my posts about how we can feel this energy in our bodies, minds, and lives.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

~ Jen


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