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November News: 10 seconds of self care

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Happy November! How are you doing? Over the last few months, I have noticed a rise in personal power, self worth, and determination in people. People feel stronger, more like themselves, and more in charge of their lives. I hope this has been part of your life, too. self care tips self care in a hurry busy lightworker healer healing ottawa ontario wellness ottawa ontario

We deserve to be strong. It is our right.

This shift towards empowerment is happening alongside our exhaustion, of course. And we may be too burned out to even have noticed whether successes were happening in other parts of our life. So maybe we just need some time to ourselves, to rest and just be.

Stillness is so important for our health. It decreases the amount of stimuli that our nervous systems need to process; it allows us to be receptive to our intuitive wisdom. It just plain gives us a break from the busy-ness of life.

If you can this month, take some moments for yourself; even if it’s just a minute here and 30 seconds there.

Recently, I was asked, “How can I fit self-care into my life, when my life is so overwhelming already?”

My response: Take one thing that you already do, slow it down for 10-30 seconds, and use those seconds to just enjoy what you’re doing. Shampoo your hair and take 10 seconds to give your scalp a mini-massage. Before starting your car, sit there quietly and feel love in your heart. After you turn out the light at bedtime, spend 10 seconds acknowledging something good that happened that day. Over time, perhaps extend the 10 seconds to 15, then 20, then even longer; but start with what you can do easily.

Few of us need *more* things to do. Most of us need *fewer* things to do. So build self-care into your already-busy schedule by simply slowing down a task that you do every day and taking those few short moments to just enjoy it.

self care tips self care in a hurry busy lightworker healer ottawa healing ottawa ontario wellness ottawa ontario

Eclipse Season: This month begins the last eclipse season of 2021. Eclipses are the most profound astrological events out of all that happen regularly. They can really shift the direction that our lives are taking, and create those changes instantly. If we’re headed in a new direction, the eclipses can fully place us on our new path. And if we’re leveling up somehow, then we can wake up the day after the eclipse fully ensconced in the higher level.

So, up until the day of each eclipse, notice what you’re being urged to do, change, or feel.

  • Do you need to step more into your personal power?
  • Are you being drawn to shed an outdated relationship (a person, a job, a situation, a habit)?
  • Do you feel you need to ask for more (more money, more respect, more appreciation, more time to yourself)?

Take the necessary steps to act on the intuition, and be rewarded when the eclipse occurs. If we’ve done right, then there will be no going back to the way things were.

Eclipses come in pairs, so we have:

  • Partial Eclipse of the Moon on November 19 (1:02am to 7:03am EST)
  • Total Eclipse of the Sun on December 4 (12:29am to 4:37am EST)

For more about the energies of eclipse season, read “Solar and Lunar Eclipses: What happens, what it does to us, and how Occultists use the energy

self care tips self care in a hurry busy lightworker healer ottawa healing ottawa ontario wellness ottawa ontario

November 20-21 Course: I’d love to spend the weekend with you on Zoom.

The Lightworker course talks clearly about why the world seems to be falling apart. I also help empaths understand why they’re getting triggered so much, why we feel “heaviness,” and the right way to stop feeling these energies.

And we discuss the spirit world–what it really looks like, and how you can safely open up to spirits, recognizing easily which ones are good and which are bad.

We also do exercises in class so you can apply the information directly to your life.

Join me, if that feels right: Register here.

self care tips self care in a hurry busy lightworker healer ottawa healing ottawa ontario wellness ottawa ontario

New Blog Articles: Four new posts are on my blog.


Christmas Hours: I’ll be taking time off between Christmas and New Year’s, so if you want to get some healing in before the end of the year, please book your appointment soon.


Shipping Cutoff: The postal services are still overwhelmed, so the sooner we place our orders, the easier it will be on the couriers. I will stop shipping from December 14 to January 2, to not stress the system during its peak time. If you’re thinking of buying something from my shop, it could be better to get your order in soon. (Gift Certificates can be purchased at all times; your receipt is your proof of purchase.)

Here’s the holiday gift guide. Get $10 off with the coupon code “Merry10.”


Group Healing: The next Monthly Healing Call is Wednesday, November 3; 7-8pm EST online. Do a guided Mindfulness meditation, get messages from your Higher Self, receive energy healing, and ask me a question in a private group setting. Join here.


If I can assist you this month with healing, coaching, or guidance, then appointments can be made here.

~ Jen Wozny
BA, MSc, Founder



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Wednesday, November 3: Monthly Healing Call. Features guided meditation, connection to and messages from your Higher Self, distant energy healing, and guidance during a Q&A period. 7-8pm EST. Online.

Saturday, November 13: Class 6 of the Accelerated Course to Cultivate Your Psychic & Healing Abilities. Details. 11am-1pm EST. Zoom.

Saturday, November 20 & Sunday, November 21: Lightworker: Level 1 by Zoom. Learn what’s happening to the world and why; learn how to get through it as easily as possible–even if you’re an empath; and understand how the spirit world really works as you continue awakening to it. 9:30am to 5:30pm EST each day. Full details and to register.

Saturday, November 27: Review call for the Accelerated Course to Cultivate Your Psychic & Healing Abilities. Details. 11am-12pm EST. Zoom.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Soul-level energy healing and life coaching appointments, by phone/Skype. Choose from 90, 60, and 30 minutes. Or, book a free consultation.


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Celestial Influences: November 2021

4: New Moon
19: Full Moon
19: Partial Eclipse of the Moon (1:02am to 7:03am EST)



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self care tips self care in a hurry busy lightworker healer ottawa healing ottawa ontario wellness ottawa ontario

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