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Eclipse Season is HERE!

As you likely know, August 7/8 marked the first of two eclipses this month: a partial lunar eclipse. That was a more gentle energetic experience than what we’re in for two weeks from now, when on August 21 we have a total eclipse of the sun.

Why do I mention the energetic effects? Well, because if you imagine that our Earth has a constant communication with these two celestial bodies–the moon and the sun–then what happens during an eclipse is that that communication gets blocked. With a partial eclipse, the communication flow is only partly blocked; with a total eclipse, the flow is 100% blocked. It’s almost like a short-term blackout. And then when the communication begins to be restored, it is akin to a rebooting of your computer.

And what happens sometimes when we power down and then reboot our computer? Upgrades.

And that can be felt both unconsciously and consciously by everyone on our planet. If you’d like assistance to get you through this period and make sure you’re receiving all the upgrades that are available to you, then please book an appointment with me here.

We are also approaching the time of Mercury Retrograde, which begins August 12/13 until September 5. Because this thrice-yearly occurrence is so important to our lives and life paths, we dedicated a call to it–and it’s on sale now.  [This Mini-Course is currently unavailable.  If you wish to purchase it, then please contact us.]


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    Eclipse Season is HERE!
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